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What do you think makes a man happiest?A romantic relationship?Enough Money?A happy Family?Alcohol?or...…??

A recent study by Oxford researcher Robin Dunbar claims a man’s happiness, health and well-being don’t revolve around his romantic relationship or his kids or even his bank balance. The key is getting together with buddies and enjoying the kinds of things they do together, such as golf. Dunbar said men with those regular outlets also tend to be more generous.

Do you agree? When I saw this news from Msn Now, I was a little surprised. So I'd like to hear your voices on this interesting topic.:) And What do you think a man's partner do that will drive him to prefer to night out with their buddies most indirectly?I hope your view on these would help to enhance the good understanding on men and eliminate some misunderstandings between women and men and bring us more harmony to the world.

Thank you~~(^-^)

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    Oct 27 2013: true love is not disappearing...

    my wife and i met 30 september 2012, she proposed the same night, i accepted...
    we got married 31 october 2012... our daughter was born 30 september 2013 19:00
    this is exactly 1yr to the hour we met for our first date....

    i still do exactly the same things as i did before we met, that is sports and pass times (not pastimes)
    true love is about knowing yourself and your partner, and knowing that in life obstacles are simply that... challenges which can be overcome... our baby girl is now the priority

    what i can say is age is an important factor... compare adulthood to childhood
    at the age of starting adultry(lol) its the same as being an infant in the adult world...

    you need to crawl before you can run all over again learn independence, responsibility, etc...

    personally when you in your twenty-something years this is the crawling phase when you learn outside the nest
    your 30-something years is your walking years when you should be taking responsibility for your actions and decisions... not all of us learn to walk the same... notice how we all walk differently??? (literal)
    40-something+ years -the running phase- we are responsible for our actions and who we are - not everyone runs at the same pace or speed, or can run for that matter

    age is an important factor to his research... how old are people involved in the research
    life experience is another factor to consider... as in what have they done and what is their outlook on life

    rights of passage have changed from the "so-called" archaic spiritual connection to adulthood - vision quest of finding your purpose
    to the reckless drinking, sex and chasing material possessions, even idol worship of "famous" people trying to emulate them

    so on a lighter note:
    children have as much fun in childhood... as adults have in adultry (LOL)
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      Oct 27 2013: Congratulations on your marriage and becoming a dad to your baby girl!! It sounds like you have found gold in a wife and she in you. I am very happy for you three.

      We need more successful male role models, which society seems to not have provided (for a couple of generations). So I appreciate you sharing this real story.

      I agree "children have as much fun in childhood as adults (can) have in adulthood " …...and " comparing adulthood to childhood at the age of starting adulthood, its the same as being an infant in the adult world.." That makes wonderful sense to me. Adulthood can be every bit as amazing as childhood:-)
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        Oct 28 2013: Hi, Juliette~,
        I agree with Carlo that childhood is the happiest time in our life. Your joke on the words-spelling also made me :).
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        Oct 28 2013: i had a maths teacher who would crack jokes while teaching... this made me love maths
        he is a math genius still tutoring university and school students

        it was a play on words... which made him go oops - adulthood

        but you get the punch
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          Oct 28 2013: Truly Beautiful! Growing up from being a boy to a man …..
          (also truly beautiful growing up from being a girl to a woman)

          Good role models have been missing in the past couple of generations. I don't know where it started, but suddenly we look around and see single mothers, missing fathers. We wonder what happened to families, fatherhood and manhood. This had left the male child to find his own way out of a maze on the boy-to-manhood-path. Society as a whole lost out.

          I can't tell you how happy it makes me each time I see a man who comes back and shares the truth of the blessing that it is to be a mature adult man (after having found his way to a great marriage and has become a father). This is a sign that the cycle of loss is broken. This is a sign of a healthy new society. Our society needs new mentors. Little brothers (and sisters) need healthy male (and female) role models.
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      Oct 28 2013: Thank you Carlo~, always gratitude to your pleasant comment!:)
      I'd like to say before this thread, I didn't know you're male, married and even have a baby now. So thank you so much for sacrificing your privacy for sharing your story with us.

      How wonderful to see you can even remember the birth time of you baby, I think you have your true love to your family members.I think I have been encouraged to believe there's true love existing. :)

      I agree age is also an very important element in men's judegemt of happiness. So it's interesting to see comments from people in different age levels.

      Thank you again and wish your family all a happy life~:)
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        Oct 28 2013: i prefer to comment from a personal perspective...
        i notice many people would comment on things they read or research, but not personal experience

        thank you... maybe we will meet someday
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          Oct 29 2013: Personal experience is most precious.
          Yes, everything is possible~. Glad to meet you that day~.:)
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      Oct 28 2013: I foresee good means to an end with your family like every family. However, here is just a small glimpse of reality I wish I knew before I started with my family.


      Best chances! I guess we all take this risk at some point in our lives.
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        Oct 29 2013: A little sad news but worth referring to. This is kinda a wet blanket.

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