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What do you think makes a man happiest?A romantic relationship?Enough Money?A happy Family?Alcohol?or...…??

A recent study by Oxford researcher Robin Dunbar claims a man’s happiness, health and well-being don’t revolve around his romantic relationship or his kids or even his bank balance. The key is getting together with buddies and enjoying the kinds of things they do together, such as golf. Dunbar said men with those regular outlets also tend to be more generous.

Do you agree? When I saw this news from Msn Now, I was a little surprised. So I'd like to hear your voices on this interesting topic.:) And What do you think a man's partner do that will drive him to prefer to night out with their buddies most indirectly?I hope your view on these would help to enhance the good understanding on men and eliminate some misunderstandings between women and men and bring us more harmony to the world.

Thank you~~(^-^)

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    Oct 26 2013: Based on the result of his research, Robin Dunbar says ladies shouldn't stop their boys or husbands from night out with their buddies. So I think if we get the general idea of what truly makes most of the men happiest in nowadays , women can treat men in a more considerate way to some extent.:)
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      Oct 26 2013: What does Robin Dunbar says about man when their woman are night out with their buddies to paint the town red?
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        Oct 27 2013: You're right. It'll cause some women's mental problems and social problems if they can't reach an agreement with each other. That's also one reason why I doubt the result of the research.But if the result is true, women should have to give their partner SOME TIME at night to hang out with their buddies to keep their love relationship healthier(avoid suspicion, quarrels..), which could also make the women be happier.
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          Oct 27 2013: Here I was pointing at double-standards, to which many man I know seem to have a natural tendency and which is also highly influenced by cultural backgrounds and 'expectations'.

          I noticed, that many man have no problem with the idea to go out at night without their partner to enjoy themselves, yet the moment their partner does the same, this idea becomes a problem to them, because they fear that their woman will be 'hunted' and 'charmed' by other man.

          This fear can cause highly unhealthy 'control reflexes' which often result in unequal set of rules for man and woman and thereby establish those double standards.
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        Oct 28 2013: I like your proposal of the solution to the conflict caused by men's night out with their buddies. Yes, women can also hang out with their sisters. If women and men have mutual-undersatanding on how to give each other healthy freedom and personal time to do other things with other people, this may stimulate mutual-trust. That's a good idea. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.

        And I agree with you the answers are different under different cultural background. I'm always interested in cultrual difference. So if peope want to participate and tell us more about diffferent thinking of the topic, that'll be wonderful enlightening spark.
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      Oct 26 2013: it all depends... what would you say???
      or do you not have an opinion???
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        Oct 27 2013: Hi~ Carlo
        I thought men are happiest when they' re in love with their partners or their family. But when I saw the news, I wanted to know why nowadays men would choose to night out with their buddies. Because you want more freedom than love?

        And according to the answers here, I didn't see people admit their most happiness lies in love relationship,I think that may be why people say true love is disappearing. Not much happiness, so not much dedication.

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