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What do you think makes a man happiest?A romantic relationship?Enough Money?A happy Family?Alcohol?or...…??

A recent study by Oxford researcher Robin Dunbar claims a man’s happiness, health and well-being don’t revolve around his romantic relationship or his kids or even his bank balance. The key is getting together with buddies and enjoying the kinds of things they do together, such as golf. Dunbar said men with those regular outlets also tend to be more generous.

Do you agree? When I saw this news from Msn Now, I was a little surprised. So I'd like to hear your voices on this interesting topic.:) And What do you think a man's partner do that will drive him to prefer to night out with their buddies most indirectly?I hope your view on these would help to enhance the good understanding on men and eliminate some misunderstandings between women and men and bring us more harmony to the world.

Thank you~~(^-^)

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    Oct 25 2013: It all depends
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      Oct 26 2013: I personally think my topic has made you think but you just disguised your true feeling. Come on, fess up~! I need your answer.
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        Oct 26 2013: You can not be serious to expect any other answer from me about what makes 'a man happiest' than the one I already gave you. Or do you collect stereotypes and generalizations? Yoka, I know you know better than you pretend.
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          Oct 27 2013: Please don't get me wrong Lejan, I just want to see the new trend of men's happiness in our society. And I think it's also possible that if a man is under too much stress busy working, he'll even not be able to think about what makes him happy,he just lives his life without knowing if he changes something, he could be happy.This question can make him think and be aware of their own needs and problems in life.
          Your last sentence seems a little interesting, what do you mean by "pretend"?
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        Oct 27 2013: By 'pretend' I mean, that I think you are aware about the general scope about your question.

        Questions like 'What is the favorite color of humans' are prone to return no useful answer, by the intrinsic individuality of favors and dislikes among all humans.

        Asking what makes 'a man' happiest is doing the same thing, because in the given context 'a man' means every man and therefore does not allow to return for any more meaningful result but generalizations and stereotypes.

        Man are different and what makes you happy may be just plain boring to me, and vice versa.

        So if you are interested in trends, as you said you are, your question should have asked 'if you are a man, what makes YOU happy' and then analyze and compare individual responses to see if a certain modern trend can be found.

        Also it would have been necessary to somehow point out, that someone who was going to answer this modified question would have to think at least twice, as he may be not fully aware of what really makes him happy, because he may be one of those who 'just lives his life without knowing'.

        Unreflected answers would spoil your analysis for trends and thereby create false conclusions, which you could not detect, as you can not know whose answer was 'true' and reflected, and whose answer was just given by a stressed out working male individual. Tricky either way indeed.
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          Oct 28 2013: Yes, I have the general scope about my quesiton, but I want to know which will be the most in proportion. Unfortunately, I couldn't start an anonymous poll here. That's my initial thought. And I'm sorry to have represented the thread in a way causing misunderstanding, but I still think the alternatives are simple, love relationship, money..... I didn't mean to delve into people's privacy, just curious about their choice. Just as you said what makes me think maybe means zip to you, so if you 're not interested, you can just pass and keep silent. Sorry for any impoliteness in my question that may have made you feel uneasy.
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        Oct 28 2013: Yoka, there is nothing impolite in your question at all and I did answer it. But my answer didn't seem to be of that sort you may have expected and I was trying to make you understand what my intention was. If your question would have made me feel uneasy, I would not have answered it, so no need to worry at all.
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          Oct 28 2013: Thank you for your magnanimous style~.
          I also like to say that if the result is true ,maybe it could be a revolution in men and women's realationship. Just as that many years ago, people couldn't accept gaydar. But as the scientific research revealed it's a reasonable phenomenon and part of human's nature, more and more people can accept it and live a happy life. That is the revolutional change. Sometimes I think some new concept can help people to change. And I think that's possibly the reason why Mr. Dubar did the research and released the result.
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      Oct 26 2013: it all depends...
      are you true to yourself or 50+ with nothing of value
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        Oct 26 2013: Why should I not be true to myself? Because I am not giving stereotype and generalized answers here of the sort of drugs, sex, guns, sport cars and motorbikes? Is it this what you are missing?
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          Oct 26 2013: it all depends...

          can you eloquate an answer or do you regurgitate text...

          i.e. you cannot think for yourself, therefore you have no answer except rhetoric...

          statistically speaking, should you generalise your answer to drugs sex and transport, you have stereotyped yourself as a person lacking substance

          you would judge on accolade(50+) not achievement or experience

          you can lie to others, but you cannot lie to yourself...

          why would you not be truthful to yourself?

          it all depends
          ...maybe trying to be intelligent is what makes you happiest
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        Oct 26 2013: Carlo, it may help if you let us know what your problem is. Maybe we can help you?

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