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Altering the DNA of a virus to mitigate radiological disasters.

Could the DNA within a virus be altered to attract radioisotopes in sea water?
Could then the imbalance of energy within the materials nucleus be stabilized, thus stopping the release of energy and matter that results from changes in the nucleus of an atom?
Basically a natural “sponge” for lack of a better term, which could be used to mitigate radiological spills and contaminations i.e.; Fukushima nuclear plant, Hanford waste site, etc.


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    Nov 12 2013: This conversation is incredible valid, and actual.
    If you investigate, a little, you will find that the Cesium 137 is reaching the coastal areas of Canada, US & Mexico.
    It is interesting that also, many fisheries, are not getting the usual amount of sea food available as before.
    Also many dolphins, and valuable species are dying brutally.

    So, we may find out that the real cause of this overwhelming situation, is radioactive waters coming from Fukushima.
    The critical situation, is the fact that no government or agency is really paying enough attention to this worldwide problem, which will cause, the cross contamination of the 7 seas…
    If the alteration of DNA would be feasible, maybe by using bacterias, as pointed out by Novad Tropp, in this chat, could be the mitigation effort worth pursuing.

    Thanks Joseph for your concern and dedication.

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