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study of the molecular and physiological aspects of the tree leaves that are located at the highest hight

while it is common scientific sense to accept a plant cell wall as naturally protective against UVL. the theory I am proposing is that :
if there are special interaction among molecules and the existing DNA that makes the plant immune , if indeed, this be the case, to UVL harmful effects
impact, if there is any merits to this theory, would be to human living in high altitudes and space travel!

  • Oct 28 2013: that is the direction of my point of discussion. find the code in the repair mechanism and all its control genes, genetically engineer it into a eucaryote cell, radiate the cell and evaluate reproction of the same protective mechanism if it can occur. proteins capable to adsorb the UVL energy within the cell propria/content or cytosole that can lessen the harmful effect if can coat the nuclear membrane or some other mechanism that achieve similar effects
  • Oct 27 2013: Are you sure plant cells are immune to damage caused by UV light?

    If that is the case, I would assume that the explanation for that would be form a of a photo-sensitive DNA repair mechanism. Bacteria posses that system which is activated by mere sunlight, allowing them to repair DNA mutations. Human cells do not posses this system of repair.

    I can't see how does the chemical structure of the plant cell wall prevent UV damage, care to discuss?