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Do you think it's time for another American revolution?

Our government is out of control.our rights are being taken away a little more everyday. Big corporations are buying our elected officials into office. The health care law is too expensive, our veterans arent getting the treatment they deserve. Government officials were never intended to get paid. government assistance programs are spending way too much, our debt is rising everyday, and I don't see any changes coming anytime soon.

Do you think a 2nd revolution will get our country back to how it used to be? When government actually worked for the people. Do you think a second revolution is even possible? If so... what are we waiting for?


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  • Oct 26 2013: Bambi,

    What do you think the country was or used to be?

    • Oct 28 2013: Well depending on how far back but id say not much better. We're always fighting for something better, women's rights, abolition of slavery equal right, etc
      now all we're fighting for is homosexual marriage. There's much bigger issues at hand that we're just ignoring.

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