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Do you think it's time for another American revolution?

Our government is out of control.our rights are being taken away a little more everyday. Big corporations are buying our elected officials into office. The health care law is too expensive, our veterans arent getting the treatment they deserve. Government officials were never intended to get paid. government assistance programs are spending way too much, our debt is rising everyday, and I don't see any changes coming anytime soon.

Do you think a 2nd revolution will get our country back to how it used to be? When government actually worked for the people. Do you think a second revolution is even possible? If so... what are we waiting for?


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  • Oct 26 2013: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”- Socrates
    Revolution was my first thought also but I realized when George W. Crazy was voted in and then after watching the inevitable destruction he led us into and then to be voted back for another four years of even worse destruction, I realized that America has a much deeper problem than just leadership. We have a major portion of our population with what I would call deep emotional and physical troubles. Even if you had a revolution more than half of your soldiers are not physically or mentally fit for service. The only place they would run is to McDonalds and that would be the end of your revolution and the only fighting would be who is first in line. In order to have a revolution you need people who would stand up and fight, in America most people will not even stand up to change the channel on the TV. It's not our leaders fault alone they are just a reflection of the greed, sloth and violence that permeates the population. Revolution, some can't even spell revolution and a good portion do not even speak the same language.
    • Oct 28 2013: However comical a few 0f your statements were, I know its true. Ive grown up in San Antonio Texas and I feel like I was cheated of an education because I was surrounded by idiots. The Texas board of education seems to. Dumb down the curriculum every couple years. Its almost like who ever is in charge is just ok with raising new generations of ignorance.

      And the language barrier.. well that's inevitable in a nation of immigrants. But the desire to learn. Other languages is just non existant in alot of my peers.( I'm currently studying German with Spanish & sign language under my belt& Russian & Chinese to go)
      People just don't care anymore, but when they start caring its going to be too late.

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