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Online petition - Create "political roadmap" to turn MOOCs into a global standard at every public university by 2020

The idea of MOOC/blended learning is a fascinating idea to spread out top academic education to everyone. Free private online platforms like Udacity/Coursera founded by Stanford professors or KhanAcademy founded by a MIT/Harvard graduate, just to name a few, are outstanding practical examples.

However, what about all these public universities in the world which are financed by taxpayer funds?

The idea is that the government/parliaments in each country should pass a bill that MOOCs as part of “blended learning” are need to be implemented compulsorily at every public university till 2020.

Therefore citizens of each nation may submit "Online-Petitions" with content as follows:

Development of national education-roadmaps 2020 to define MOOC course standards, MOOC training programs for university staff and a step by step implementation-strategy. Entire course offerings have to be free of charge and be open for each citizen (taxpayer) of each nation


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    Oct 23 2013: Are you suggesting that every public university should have to offer its own free massive online courses? Are you suggesting there be some sort of international standard for what various MOOC courses must contain?
    • Matt K

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      Oct 23 2013: yeah!! i believe that should be a central issue in the future agenda of public universities around the globe.

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