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Does it really matter?

There is a wonderful ongoing battle between religion and science.

Although the two are often pitted together as if they were alternate answers to the same question (which they are not), both schools of belief do put forward theories about the origins of existence. Both are equally far-fetched and interesting.

My question is: does it matter?

Would it help anyone to know, without a doubt, how the universe began? Isn't knowing that a bit like knowing the exact circumstances of one's own death?

Why do people feel the need to choose a camp?

Personally, I don't mind what people believe. Convince me. GO!


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    Oct 26 2013: Religion is a set of ideas that a person 'believes' based upon what resonates nicely within the brain. The methodology of religion is to verify and search for evidence supporting a given 'belief'. Religion is a system that justifies what the brain 'believes'; what feels right and good, what resonates based upon what one can see and hear and feel without any external measurement. Religion bases on the concept that what one sees, hears, feels is absolute and real truth. We have come to know that what the the brain interprets is often wrong. The tables are indeed the same size and the colors are the same. The fact that you see them as different has nothing to do with reality. Your are seeing something that does not exist.

    Science is a set of ideas that a person does not 'believe'; they are the best concept, so far, based upon measurable evidence regardless of how it 'resonates' within the brain. The methodology of science is to disprove the ideas rather than verifier them. Science has recognized that the brain only presents to consciousness its 'best guess' and that best guess is very often totally and completely wrong. The ideas of science are based on verification through measurement. We are actively looking for those areas where our brain has misinterpreted

    Perhaps the greatest breakthrough in humans understanding of thought and the way to understand reality of all time, was the realization that one can not 'prove' things by demonstrating the supporting evidence; the religions thought process. This is theoretically impossible, one can 'prove' anything regardless of how ridiculous this way. Basing our intellectual constructs on our emotions has been throughly rejected by science, as it should be. It is fully embraced by religion, indeed it is the foundation of religion.

    Does it really matter? Yes, it does. It matters profoundly.
    No, science and religion are NOT 'different schools of belief'.

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