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Does it really matter?

There is a wonderful ongoing battle between religion and science.

Although the two are often pitted together as if they were alternate answers to the same question (which they are not), both schools of belief do put forward theories about the origins of existence. Both are equally far-fetched and interesting.

My question is: does it matter?

Would it help anyone to know, without a doubt, how the universe began? Isn't knowing that a bit like knowing the exact circumstances of one's own death?

Why do people feel the need to choose a camp?

Personally, I don't mind what people believe. Convince me. GO!


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  • Oct 26 2013: "Why do people feel the need to choose a camp?"
    Perhaps it could be similar to what has happened in my life.
    I have had experiences that cannot be proven, I cannot prove them, I don't need to,
    nor does anyone else need to disprove them. They don't prove me right regardless of
    which camp I may have a foot in, nor do they prove the other camp wrong, if I am standing
    with my legs spread, a foot in each camp. But, I cannot deny them. They are based entirely
    in and on awareness, consciousness, an area science does not and cannot tread.
    You cannot build a bridge on faith, but everyone crosses them in faith they will remain up.
    There is empirical evidence. A scratch heals because IT heals. There is no conscious connection to this event by the person with the scratch. Looking at the cells involved will never allow any scientist to point at something and say, "there, that is intelligence. That is how IT knows how to heal. There, that is power, that is how IT is able to heal the cut. And there, that is love. That is why IT heals." But, everyone who has ever lived, is living and perhaps those who are yet to live, can point to nothing and say, "IT works! IT really does." That is the empirical evidence of the scratch.
    It would seem there must be intelligence somewhere in all this, behind it in some way

    Both science and religion tell us there is more than the material. They are right.
    Science attempts to verify and prove while the claims of religion are based first on the acceptance
    that their books are truly "thee resource books of all time."
    If anything, I prefer "spirituality" as I don't think religion has contributed "balance" to life at all. Maybe to mentally ill people but they remain so because of religious beliefs.

    It does matter. If science can answer "how?", if they're worth it, they will then turn to "why?"
    They can't answer that one.
    Personally, I believe in nothing. Have to start there if everything came from nothing, right?
    Then it sounds like a belief in god.
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      Oct 26 2013: "Science attempts to verify and prove" This is totally and completely the antithesis of what science is.
    • Oct 26 2013: Hi Random, I agree with most of what you say, except that I'm mentally ill. :)

      You may not be familiar with the religion that I support, but it is spiritual first and based on the natural later. It is based on the spiritual level, or meaning, of the Bible and so makes all discrepancies come together and so make sense. The big balance it brings to life is by the fact that the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament are One and the Same.

      I also like your idea that we cannot build a bridge on faith. We also believe that faith, by itself, is nothing.

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