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Director of Instructional Technology, Fontbonne University, St Louis, MO USA


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What would be the best way to display TED talks in a learning center?

In our Center for Educational and Emerging Technology, I'd love to have an interactive screen for visitors that highlights just TED talks (essentially I'd like to have a larger version of the interface from my ipad app). Any ideas or suggestions on how to display this or other ideas for highlighting TED material in a new learning space like this?

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    Oct 29 2013: That's fascinating! Thanks for linking it up, Don. Sending this to our dedicated semester committee (we're addressing sustainability this term :)
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    Oct 29 2013: Hi Amy,

    Anther conversation ( has me thinking that would be great if the learning center would include an area for bringing high tech to gardening. Blending urban gardening, 4-H, technology, and possibly nutrition, spices and cuisine.

    just a thought, anyway I wish you the best on your learning center!
  • Oct 25 2013: While I'd like to have a good answer for you, I'm drawing a blank!
    Maybe it's that the TED talks are still too much from the age of "I talk, you listen." I think I'd prefer interaction.

    Maybe concentrate more on the short talks that can be followed up with a few questions about how the next half-hour can be livingly experimented with, in relation to that talk.

    How about a big wall-sized sheet of paper, (or individual posterboards), to make small areas where cut-out pictures from old magazines can be assembled as a free-form thought about how their lives may change a little or a lot in response to the videos. Or give them 3x5" cards to take a few notes on for each video.
  • Oct 25 2013: OK, how about this? Your cameras are scanning potential customers as they are walking through the front door. When they get a face recognition match you start gathering information about them from huge data banks like Facebook and the NSA. Using hypersonic sound so no one else will hear you whisper in their ear “Hello (give there full name) my name is TED, don’t be alarmed I am inside your head” Give them a few moments to gather there thoughts and calm down. They may have to go to the restroom and freshen up a bit.
    Now that you have there attention you can easily guide them over to your booth and with some good AI software from IBM Watson you can use their Facebook database to carry on a casual conversation using their friends names as references and even quoting them or their friends and of course you may want to check there answers as you go with the NSA and Google to make sure they are not telling you little white lies. If they do politely correct them. The same fellow that developed the hypersonic sound devices, Woody Norris my hero, also has devices to pick up, isolate and monitor a single conversation in a crowd. Oh, I forgot to ask? What kind of budget restrictions do we have here?
  • Oct 24 2013: On a screen powered by the exercise of a potential viewer.
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    Oct 24 2013: Army,
    I’m no expert; but I’ll bet you have some great experts on this topic in your own back yard (St. Louis), yearning to help.

    I have not been there in many years, but I would suggest visiting and contacting “The Sl. Louis Science Center.”

    P.S. Again I’m no expert, but I could see a Xbox Kinect being used to control the video screen.

    P.P.S. You may check and see if they would like to work together with you and set an “interactive TED area” at both your common-space and at the science center.
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    Oct 23 2013: Amy ... this is directed to visitors ... To what degree would it be interactive .... how many visitors, a hour, a day, etc... are the visitors often students .... sales presenters ... other staff members .... Define your learning center ... is it a pit, classroom, library, computer pods .... Is your center manned ... and so forth ....

    My background is Military Instructional designer / Instructional Modular Developer / syllabus designer / Human factoring Engineer / Aeronautical Engineer .. and old guy retired.

    I love your challenge but have little information to make a valid suggestion.

    Waiting to hear from you. Bob.
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    Oct 23 2013: Ok... I guess I'm not being very clear :) With the recent research into the differences between the way we absorb the information when we're just on our machines and the way we access it in public spaces, I was looking for a streamlined common-space video screen so watching these can become a physical social experience.
  • Oct 23 2013: How about this:

    It sure did attract me, I simply started pushing buttons and walla, instant inspiration! It is the content of the talks that are the attraction and the only way to find that out is to start listening, hands on. They will not find the real gold which is the knowledge and friendships of millions of people around the world until they dig a little deeper.
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    Oct 23 2013: Maybe this :