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Could this same idea be used to teach fundamental skills like reading? Could children use a sole to teach themselves how to read?

Mr. Mitra suggests that children can teach themselves when put in a small group and when given a computer and a big question like "How did dinosaurs die?" I'm wondering what types of big questions children can be given to teach themselves how to read? I'm sure it's possible because my nephew who is autistic taught himself how to read.

  • Oct 23 2013: in a closed system one could conceivably create there own language from existing symbols but it would be impossible to teach ones self to read a language without knowledge of specific sounds to specific symbols.
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      Oct 24 2013: yeah, impossible. give them a speech recognition tool, and a text-to-speech tool, and make them care. that is all you need.
  • Oct 25 2013: Sugata Mitra is absolutely brilliant as he uses three powerful aphrodisiacs for the mind: 1) Anything the mind does not understand- for kids that is wide open 2) group affiliation and 3) praise
  • Oct 24 2013: How about the old Sesame Street TV series shown at least 25 years ago. One could easily load them into a closed computer system and let the children learn by themselves. Of course, there have been some new ones too. We can also use some similar materials, but make them interactive, so that the children can verify what they have learned.
    In other words, there are a number of good language teaching programs there, they only need some tweaking and use of cut and paste technique to be adopted for interactive or efficacy testing incorporated into the new program.
  • Oct 24 2013: That would be true but if the children had access to the internet they would hardly be in a closed system. There are lots of resources on the internet that could teach them the sound to symbol relationships of a written language. They would however need someone to download those specific resources onto the computers. If they had access to that type of computer do you think they could teach themselves how to read?