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The Abuse of Technology

Do you think that everyday, the media is manipulating minds of teenagers/adults/children into obsession and addiction? Is technology doing harm than it is doing good? For example, in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, it describes a dystopian society upon which technology takes over the city and books/knowledge is shunned.


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  • Oct 23 2013: Ofcourse media and marketing are manipulating minds but no more than preachers and politicians..
    technology hasnt changed the human condition, it has only provided a different and more effiecent channel to project our fear,hate, and desire..
    The real question is how do we solve the human condition, not whether we should suppress technology. Also technology has done a lot of good.. it all depends on how you look at things too, for example, you can say the internet provides easier access to information which is good and bad simultaneously. On one end we are being exposed to more ideas but on the other hand you can say there are mores fringe groups and bad information polluting the information we receive.

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