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The Abuse of Technology

Do you think that everyday, the media is manipulating minds of teenagers/adults/children into obsession and addiction? Is technology doing harm than it is doing good? For example, in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, it describes a dystopian society upon which technology takes over the city and books/knowledge is shunned.


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  • Oct 23 2013: I learned about learned helplessness in psychology... and many people who complain about the media and wealthy are those who suffer from it. Technology is not the problem, technology can be the answer to a new age of longer and easier lives for all species in one way or another.
    It all lies in the motives of those who creates the technology and the one who uses the technology.
    We all know that the media gets paid to manipulate and fabricate any if not all stories they claim to be news, and we the people should be very much aware of that by now... We also should be very much aware of what certain people are doing with certain kinds of technologies and why... But the media and corrupted are not the problems, it's the people who do not agree with certain things, yet have a home full of their products. You don't agree with the media and their fabricated stories but you pay for newspapers, magazines, you watch them and go on their site, so you're still supporting them. You don't like big businesses and how they have no regard for human life and nature in their production and distribution processes or what they lobby for, yet you have a home full of their products and you work for the company or a partner company, you know all the stuff thats going into your food and medicines and vaccines, yet you still allow the healthcare industry and food industry to provide all those things for you and your family instead of growing your own... You circulate your money, time, energy, and labor in the right directions to keep such things alive... People allow themselves to be manipulated and addicted to things, and we refuse to help each other, we rather put each other down or watch each other on reality shows...

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