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How do you create a community in which you feel connected in a deeply personal way?

What does Creating Community and being known in your community mean to you at the deepest human level? Are we settling for a life where being part of a 'community' consists of having lots of Facebook friends? In a society where neighbors can go without knowing one another, co-workers co-exist, and we spend more an more time developing relationships on-line, I ask what do YOU seek in a deeply caring community? How do you approach building a life so that you are surrounded by people who truly know you, people whom you care deeply about? Please share your stories.


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  • Oct 27 2013: A community could be many things, but I would rather think about it in a positive way. When I think of a community I think of people that have a common interest with me or a least they provide me with a sense of support - I think it should be the same thing when we go online.

    People tend to forget that social networking sites like Facebook, or the internet as a whole for that matter, is not a real place. The people who set up these sites like to call their websites “communities” just because it sounds like a suitable description of what they hope online interactions will lead to. In reality though, online communities are a good source of information but are not really viable, or safe, places to find a sense of community.

    Social networking sites are filled with people who do not actually have any motivation to join a community other than to have an audience that will applaud them for anything that they do. Of course there are just as many good people in online forums and social networking sites but it is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two until it is too late.

    For me, the best way to judge the merit of a community is to measure it by how much good it does for you in the real world. Does your community make you happy or feel better about yourself? If it does, then there is no question that you are in the right place. On the other hand, if you find yourself having to compete for attention and begin to have doubts about yourself as a result of being a part of a community, then you might have made the wrong choice of people to interact with. It isn’t always true that adversity will help you become stronger – the world is already filled with too much artifice and misery to look for even more of it in a place where you are supposed to find shelter.

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