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How do you create a community in which you feel connected in a deeply personal way?

What does Creating Community and being known in your community mean to you at the deepest human level? Are we settling for a life where being part of a 'community' consists of having lots of Facebook friends? In a society where neighbors can go without knowing one another, co-workers co-exist, and we spend more an more time developing relationships on-line, I ask what do YOU seek in a deeply caring community? How do you approach building a life so that you are surrounded by people who truly know you, people whom you care deeply about? Please share your stories.


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    Oct 25 2013: gardening is one of the best community builders..it is not just competion based,its about nature,and grow and health of soil,water and air ...and later everyone eats which is universal and symbolic of care that includes all ages and beliefs ect....

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