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A cloud strategy in Africa makes absolute sense.

Africa – a large continent with a number of countries with disparate levels of access to education and commerce. This makes it exceedingly hard for the standard distributed computing model to proliferate. ‘Cities that can’ and ‘Centers of Excellence’ are too few and spread too far apart to seed the development of distributed networks more common in other parts of the world. A faster and more practical model for growth would be to establish a cloud infrastructure clustered in the few cities that can actually host it.


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  • Oct 25 2013: by shifting certain ressponsibilities to others things are easier for the user.
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      Oct 30 2013: Can you please care to explain? Not sure what you are talking about.
      • Oct 30 2013: Maybe I am the one who di confused. I thought cloud strategy involved shifting much of the storage etc. to the cloud as opposed to having it in one's own machine.
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          Oct 30 2013: Data is just one component of the cloud. My conversation is about making applications and information available via a cloud infrastructure using the cell / smart phone as the delivery tool to end users in rural communities across Africa. Please see my response to Matt Taylor's question in this conversation to know more about the specifics.
      • Oct 31 2013: Okay this really makes more sense now. I am old enough to remember dumb terminals and see their advantages. Yoou have made a good point.

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