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Fix our US Government

The real problem is that our SYSTEM OF COMMERCE is broken.

In the US the Government created Corporations and gave them
Limited Liability Protections as a carrot to keep them Homebound.

Corporate Officials, more favored by Law, than taxed payer Citizens,
act much as the layers of an onion, shielding and protecting high
government officials and elected politicians, and by serving in the
government whenever needed.

The idea seemed to be sound when created, but it "evolved".

Now citizens who've paid their Taxes over the last 237 years
are beginning to wonder about what they've allowed to happen.

The continuous need to profit, more and more, to satisfy payment
to stock-holders, is a mistake in the basic design of Commerce.

Mayhap we need to consider a change.


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  • Oct 29 2013: Hi
    Frank Barry
    No more replies down below as opposed to down under.
    People have to reach, "give me liberty or give me death" and be willing to follow through on that.
    That is how "the country they fondly keep in their historical memories" was fought for.
    Those who went to Europe and to the East in WWII are almost all gone, but what has gone with them
    is the direct emotional connection they had with the populace of truly fighting for freedom.
    What their country has been doing, in their brainwashed name, is exactly what Hitler and Stalin tried to do.
    No difference whatsoever.
    They are walking around in a brainwashed-induced slumber and need to wake up or be woken up before it is too late.
    Right now, the citizens of Amerika are Manchurian Citizens, deeply brainwashed, losing all their liberties, apparently willingly, because they are asleep. As George Carlin said, "They call it the America Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." Believe nothing any politicians says or promises. Do nothing they say. They are not the Constitution. The people are. They don't own the country. It is not theirs. It belongs to the people. They have to remember this and then trust it completely to act on it. They cannot afford to wait for the final proof. That will be too late.
    • Oct 29 2013: Random, A patriot you are.
      Your idea of waking up the citizens, is a great one. I endorse it fully.

      But, the problem remains that the 2 Party's have gained control of the Media.
      Full Control of Newspapers, Cable, and the Internet that daily give the news,

      The Media, are just a bunch of people wanting to make the big bucks.
      Reporters wait each day for hand-outs from White House spin doctors.

      Movies and Videos are dedicated to sexy love stories, historic war reenactments,
      adult shock, children's adventures, light comedies, and slight civil disobedience's
      without naming politicians and without showing any real corruption, and it's effects.

      Democrat and Republican parties are supported by Corporations and Unions
      and to a lesser extent by party members. The monies solicited and collected
      are spent to control the content of the Media. Advertising is how it is done.

      Citizens of America cannot understand the need for change, when their lifestyles
      are, as couch potatoes, wasting their productive lives by watching Cable TV, and
      playing video games.
      Many citizens do not take Welfare Dole, and hold lower paying jobs, held in place by
      personal debt, in the form of credit cards and student loans that were offered to them
      as youths, to pay for only a partial education, results of which never were guaranteed
      by any college or university.

      Some are students with scholarships in hand, the cream of the crop, who excelled
      in high schools or smaller colleges, and champions existing upon their physical
      abilities. Military and Major Universities vie for these few and their political students
      end up running our government itself.
      How can we wake these people up? The truth is, we cannot.

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