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Fix our US Government

The real problem is that our SYSTEM OF COMMERCE is broken.

In the US the Government created Corporations and gave them
Limited Liability Protections as a carrot to keep them Homebound.

Corporate Officials, more favored by Law, than taxed payer Citizens,
act much as the layers of an onion, shielding and protecting high
government officials and elected politicians, and by serving in the
government whenever needed.

The idea seemed to be sound when created, but it "evolved".

Now citizens who've paid their Taxes over the last 237 years
are beginning to wonder about what they've allowed to happen.

The continuous need to profit, more and more, to satisfy payment
to stock-holders, is a mistake in the basic design of Commerce.

Mayhap we need to consider a change.


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    Oct 23 2013: Try Auctioning the US Government, We will see after Auctioning also the Governments Function the same way.
    • Oct 24 2013: Kuldeep negi, Now that isn't as funny as you planned.
      Russia had like problems, and sold us Alaska for $5,000,000.

      You are right about the Governments functioning the same way.

      I don't advocate overthrow, just change to a slightly different system of Commerce.
      Eliminate Limited Liability laws for Politicians and Corporations, eliminate Stock Holders,
      and current Accounting Practices. We can do away with Wall Street. It is an unnecessary
      Elephant in the room. It has become the Las Vegas of New York, and major hubs around
      the world, who gamble with Real Peoples Lives.

      Banks, who are supposed to safe-keep and store our monies, instead, gamble with them
      on Wall Street. It gets embarrassing, when after an Emergency audit of the nation's banks,
      Henry Paulson could con the Congress into Bailing out those same broke Banks. Henry made
      possibly the greatest Theatrical Performance in history. And we the people got to watch the
      entire mess, through our controlled content media. Henry was very well paid for his effort,
      one $Billion dollars.

      With a few minor changes, like elimination of those Limited Liability laws. Change will follow.

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