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Fix our US Government

The real problem is that our SYSTEM OF COMMERCE is broken.

In the US the Government created Corporations and gave them
Limited Liability Protections as a carrot to keep them Homebound.

Corporate Officials, more favored by Law, than taxed payer Citizens,
act much as the layers of an onion, shielding and protecting high
government officials and elected politicians, and by serving in the
government whenever needed.

The idea seemed to be sound when created, but it "evolved".

Now citizens who've paid their Taxes over the last 237 years
are beginning to wonder about what they've allowed to happen.

The continuous need to profit, more and more, to satisfy payment
to stock-holders, is a mistake in the basic design of Commerce.

Mayhap we need to consider a change.


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  • Oct 23 2013: Isn't this what the big election donors want.

    Control expenditures like other countries. Maybe strong parties and multiple parties.
    • Oct 23 2013: Hi George, Your spot on of course.
      That's today --
      Tomorrow is just 70 days away.
      If we are going to change from a corrupt society into a nation without secrets,
      with both government and corporations that are honest and transparent to their
      citizens and customers, we have to start today.

      The US two party system doesn't work for citizens, only for party leaders.
      Party leaders raise money, to pay off media and polls for control of content.
      Party leaders select the candidates. They care not who wins, but only who is
      on the ballot. That way they control government. The Voters merely bleat.

      Lobby leaders raise money, to pay off politicians and media for control of content.
      Lobby leaders select no candidates. They care not who is on the ballot, but only
      who wins. That way they control legislation. The Voters never awaken.
      • Oct 24 2013: I hope so But there is so much money in campaigns and the Supreme Court has encouraged it.
        • Oct 24 2013: George, your right of course. Spot on.

          We've seen how the Supreme Court can be completely controlled by selective
          selection. Remember back when Obama chastised the Supreme Court in
          front of the Congress during his first state of the union address?

          I wondered at the time, what he was up to. I made a guess; Chicago politics
          and telling them who was boss.

          George we live in a dirty world these days. I liken it to before Napoleon's time,
          when the French were using the Inquisition as a tool. The Dark ages for America
          may be upon us. I hope I'm dreaming.

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