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Fix our US Government

The real problem is that our SYSTEM OF COMMERCE is broken.

In the US the Government created Corporations and gave them
Limited Liability Protections as a carrot to keep them Homebound.

Corporate Officials, more favored by Law, than taxed payer Citizens,
act much as the layers of an onion, shielding and protecting high
government officials and elected politicians, and by serving in the
government whenever needed.

The idea seemed to be sound when created, but it "evolved".

Now citizens who've paid their Taxes over the last 237 years
are beginning to wonder about what they've allowed to happen.

The continuous need to profit, more and more, to satisfy payment
to stock-holders, is a mistake in the basic design of Commerce.

Mayhap we need to consider a change.


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  • Oct 23 2013: We can't expect our government to fix itself... we can't expect our system to fix itself... Everyday I'm signing an ignored petition, attending an ignored march or protest...
    We have to stop living according to our government, banks, and businesses...
    We have to build systems of interdependence and make our own means of living that doesn't involve working hours for corporations for paper to give right back to corporations...
    it's an unnecessary circle that can be simple to exit if your developed support system is strong. Start growing your own foods and meds, making your own clothes and goods, befriending people with certain skills and trades and benefit from each other, your own doctors, farmers, seamstresses, remove your children from the public school systems, create your own school systems and appoint your own teachers, and make your own education structure that you see fit for them to grow up and be able to lead and maintain morals and integrity...
    • Oct 23 2013: Uniqea, I agree with your frustration...

      Our government will not fix itself -- They are the problem and cannot see it. Our system has no mechanism to adapt or change. While signing an ignored petition is useless, some value can be
      attached to public marches and protests.

      We cannot stop living according to our government, banks, and businesses. But we can build
      systems within our current society, that define specific "systems of interdependence" that can
      co-exist with current government, banks, and businesses. Perhaps a system of barter that can
      parallel money. Barter sits on the edge of society today, having never caught on, and run more
      as under the table, than not.

      Moving backwards, into earlier day living has never really worked. Co-ops and such usually
      end up with a corrupt management and after several years dissolve.

      Morals and Integrity are my battle cry also. Victorian principles are no more.
      Yesterday's corruption, today has value.

      The melting pot boiled dry.
      Go figure.

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