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Physical Internet - A framework on which to run transportation "apps" such as "schoolbus", "ambulance", "commuter", etc.

The biggest cost of the manually driven automobile is -- you guessed it right (or did you?) -- TIME!! There are more than 250 million vehicles in the United States, with an average commute time of 100 hours/year. If the entire nation switched to automated transport, we would gain 25 trillion hours a year. Productive use of a fraction of this time will have a significant impact on GDP. Imagine: No drunk driving, no parking, no mechanics, not even a DMV!







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    Feb 18 2011: Thanks for the response, Seema. Environmental impact is naturally one of the main objectives.

    There are many innovative transportation solutions emerging across the world. I am suggesting that we treat individual transportation solutions as "transit apps" (much like software apps) and create an open source standards-based transit framework to host these apps. It would be infinitely scalable and continuously upgradable. There is no reason successful software development methodologies can't be applied to physical infrastructure development.

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