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Is the church for the people or the people for the church

Is the church for the people or the people for the church?

Recent happenings regarding the issue of Christianity is giving one serious concern. In the past, all achievements of the church are tailored towards benefitting the congregation who contributed to the achievements. These days the congregation achieve a lot and these things are taken out of their reach and commercialized. How can we reconcile these injustices, noting that these people must have passed through lots of difficulty in contributing to the projects in the quest to attain salvation.

Most times salvation is weapon used in the modern times to milk the people dry. It is no longer strange that most preachers own fleets of private aeroplanes while the congregation wallow in abject poverty.

what could have gone wrong, are the preachers becoming morally bankrupt? Where did we start getting it wrong


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  • Oct 23 2013: I don't want to offend anyone, because I actually admire most disciplines in certain religions, and I personally chose to pick some out of each one to live with...
    But I believe so many religions derive from some Aesop fables to encourage morality and integrity into people, and over time it was misinterpreted in many different ways and promoted in many different ways, and in some people's motives for bad, and for wealth. What better way to get money from people than to stick an extra verse in the bible saying God said it?
    The church is ultimately supposed to be the people... In all books, it always dismisses the rich, stingy, banks, and governments, because in every age, almost every interpretation they're bad... And instead of the people standing up for themselves, they become submissive slaves sitting around praying for a Savior and they end up being enslaved again years down the road believing in another system made by the rich... and look at where we are now... modern day slaves believing all we have to do is sit and pray and someone will come help us out of the slavery we put ourselves in again and we ignore anyone who comes to save us because their words sound crazy, or like a conspiracy theorist, one of "those people". And the churches are milking the income...

    So, to answer your question, I say neither... Church is another corporation that the people buy into ignoring all corruption around and within the board members and the institution itself. People became so in love with materialism and wealth, that morality took the backseat. and this isnt just for the religion corps, its goes to all businesses...

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