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How does traveling change you ?

Dear TED Fellow Family,

Traveling is a fascinating experience...

Traveling gives us a chance to experience new cultures, new visions of life and new ways of life...

Traveling provides us with the opportunities to meet a huge diversity of new people and see how other people live...

Traveling forces us to live outside our comfort zones, alter our perspective on things and challenges our deepest beliefs...

How does travel fundamentally change you? How a trip truly transformed you?
What are your best lessons learned?

TED Community, I would love to hear your stories...


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  • Oct 24 2013: Personally, traveling to the USA changed me physically. (I gained 10kg)
    Best lesson was what is normal in my country is not normal in other countries.
    For example, in my country, no one speak nor smile to strangers, but in the USA...always!
    How friendly, helpful, and sometimes so annoying!(How many times should I say that I am not Ninjya nor Geisha?lol) Yes, traveling is great. How about your story, Mr. Hasssan?
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      Oct 24 2013: Very interesting~:)
      Ninjya and Geisha, hahaha.....
      • Oct 24 2013: To tell the truth, I enjoyed to be said like that.
        Because I really like those easy-going attitude. i miss that now..
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          Oct 25 2013: If you're in Shanghai, you 'll probably be asked "Are you Japanese or Korean?"
          Many Japanese told me they gained a lot kilos after living in Shanghai eating Chinese foods.They said because the foods were so delicious that they had eaten too much. But for some westeners,they said after they came to Shanghai and began to eat Chinese food and rice,they succeeded in losing weight because Chinese food and rice contains fewer carolies.

          So I think this could be some advice to those who want to gain weight or lose weight.(๑• . •๑)
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      Oct 28 2013: Kumiko - san !

      O genki desu ka ?

      Actually I ad the chance to live in Tokyo . It was a fascinating experience. Here are my lesson learned:
      Traveling makes me:

      - Increase my self-confidence
      - Gain independence and maturity
      - Gain better appreciation of other cultures as well as my own
      - Be prepared to face challenges in the future
      - Understand my personal strengths and weaknesses

      Japan really changed me as I truly learned, the sense of belonging, participation, Politeness, Respect, Commitment and understood the value of silence as eloquence.

      Now tell me Kumiko-san, why according to you, no one speak nor smile to strangers in Japan ?
      • Nov 2 2013: Genkidesu!(I am fine)
        I couldn't comment by error for a week..
        Let me answer your question.
        There are seems to be some reasons.
        1)Address or smile(or wink) could be disrespect..(somehow)
        2)It is too weird because nobody do.
        3)It is possible to distarb people in crazy busy Tokyo
        4)...too shy
        5) (If you speak English)Japanese are the lowest score of English(Toffle)
        Also, you must be a good traveler(*^o^*)

        Thank you.

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