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How does traveling change you ?

Dear TED Fellow Family,

Traveling is a fascinating experience...

Traveling gives us a chance to experience new cultures, new visions of life and new ways of life...

Traveling provides us with the opportunities to meet a huge diversity of new people and see how other people live...

Traveling forces us to live outside our comfort zones, alter our perspective on things and challenges our deepest beliefs...

How does travel fundamentally change you? How a trip truly transformed you?
What are your best lessons learned?

TED Community, I would love to hear your stories...


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  • Oct 27 2013: Travel forces one to rethink their perceptions of the world by confronting one's culturally ingrained behaviors and attitudes. We come to realize that things we once held to be true or right are often not. We then learn learn what's truly important to ourselves and to society and to keep an open mind. We start to see each other more as equals from different cultures than as inferiors or superiors or enemies.

    We also learn about the world - how it physically works and our impact on it. Our consciousness gets raised and we come to realize we're all connected.

    It's a wonderful thing to travel.

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