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What are some non-profit organizations that need to be started to help our young people?

This world is missing something. I feel that we are not doing everything that we can to fully empower our young people to become all that they can be.


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  • Oct 23 2013: We need more programs that instills morality and integrity in our youth. We need to start promoting unity among all people as humans, and less as nationalities or what country you're from, borders etc. I despise the term illegal aliens, we're all humans on earth what we do affects everyone around the globe in one way or the next, we need to act like it...
    We should establish more leadership programs and programs for self esteem and confidence, there are far too many children killing children out here or even themselves...
    And we should have more programs that promote self sufficiency, teach kids how to survive, how to make things, farm, plant, cook, make clothing, identify and appreciate plant life and animal life, make simple medicines from plants...

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