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Where did atoms originally form?

I am studying the Big Bang and trying to make sense of it. Is there research or ideas on how atoms initially formed? Has there been experiments done starting with basic subatomic particles to create a Hydrogen atom, for example? I know we can take existing atoms and smash them together to form higher-order atoms. The question is: Is there an existing level of research addressing (new) Atomic Synthesis?


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    Oct 28 2013: Hello, Gary. Great question. Myles has spoken well. All answers to your question are theories. Not enough science to provide definite conclusion. I would suggest that you read about Chaos Theory. It basically discusses in scientific terms how the universe has a strange order in what appears to be chaos, particularly the Big Bang. I have studied for years and come to a rather odd conclusion. For me, the universe was created. It is not self-existent. I know that the implication of that conclusion is the existence of God. Consider Chaos Theory as a source of possible answers for your question. I wish you well in your search.
    • Oct 28 2013: Thanks, Doc! I appreciate it.

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