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Global economy: how to cope with that?

Here a few facts:

* - There is a huge online market over the Internet with a lot of different escrow websites facilitating clients to meet and hire contractors.

* - Over the last 24 months we have seen an unexpected increasing of excellent professionals from Asia (especially India, Pakistan and Nepal) offering their services online.

* - On those escrow websites the jobs are awarded to the bid providing the best value for money (lowest bid with highest professionalism).

* - Playing the game of lowering the bids, Asian professionals have practically set the price for professional services at a very good level for their countries, but impossible for US and EU people (like 1 month of work for 500USD).

I totally understand the client point of view: why to pay 2,000USD for a service that I can get at the very same level of professionalism for 500USD?

Borderless, free money circulation allows the above phenomenon to rapidly grow, but... what about people that cannot live on 500USD a month?

This is extremely sensitive issue among people working online (like myself) but the extension of this on the actual goods production is also happening here in EU: many companies move the production sites to Asia, winding down EU factories.

What's your take? How do we solve this situation? Is it even possible to think to a solution? Should we go back to put strong money borders with heavy customs fees for sending and receiving money?


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    Oct 21 2013: Is there something you can offer in quality or service that would make your offering of greater value than what your professional competitors offer?
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      Oct 21 2013: Not to justify a price 4 or 5 times higher, that's the problem... this is not ordinary competition :/
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        Oct 21 2013: I do not know whether there are manufacturers of cars in Ireland. If there were, would you buy the car made in Ireland at five times the price over the same quality car made in Asia? Let's say the car made in Asia costs whatever cars cost now from Asia, but the Irish cars cost five times that much. Would you want your country to prevent you from buying cars not made in Ireland?

        Many people are happy to buy some things locally even when they are a little more expensive, but the willingness to do this depends on how much extra they have to pay and how big a purchase it is.
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          Oct 22 2013: Problem is that nobody wants to spend more to have that car, hence local economy is going down.

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