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USAs recent federal shut down.

The government is back in business until January.

The question is What is your opinion of the 16 day shutdown.

Employees got paid so that is not a issue ....

Other than politics as usual .... what happened?

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    Oct 24 2013: Nothing has really happened, the Federal Government has worked as seen by the framers of the Constitution.

    Now, have individual remembers of the government committed self serving actions that warrant criticisms, even legal inquiry, I can think of at least 537 elected officials and countless appointed hacks that have stressed
    system to the maximum.
  • Oct 23 2013: When children play with fire, houses get burned down.
  • Oct 22 2013: It was a stunt that backfired.
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      Oct 22 2013: Elaborate please.
      • Oct 23 2013: We have been collapsing the wage structure of America over four decades. The arguing is about something else. Every other Industrial country in the World has something like Obamacare. The business leaders want us looking at other things, and we are playing around like there is real benefit to lower wages, frre trade?, growing beyone our resources, outsourcing indiscriminately, etc.
        One party got 75% of the blame.
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          Oct 23 2013: George, Perhaps we saw different stats ... I saw the party difference at only a two points difference and Obama carrying almost a third of the blame. It was pretty evenly split and the report stated that the public is sick of all the leaders and would replace them all. I know you are big on wages, you have stated this before ... I think the issue was the national debit. The spend doctors made it sound like one party did not want health care ... what was suggested was that it should be delayed by one year. We are 16 trillion dollars in debit and growing daily. Obama will leave office with a 20 trillion dollars debit. To support all of his entitlements the tax rate will soar ...

          I think that Obamacare will fail as written ... since we have a unread law ... the government will step in and the US will have National Health care (like most other countries) in about two to three years. Insurance will go up and eventually go into a death spiral from the government interference. Obamacare is another subsidized entitlement and deals with insurance not healthcare. The policy is still $600 a month but will only be $100 for the "poor" because the government will pay the difference. If the young and healthy do not sign up fast the system will die at birth ... or sooner if the computer system is not fixed. The administration was told it was two years away ... they wanted it entrenched so that the law could not be repealed ... so press on to failure ... but press on.

          The issue of the shutdown still remains .... 17 trillion in debit and climbing. Only those who do not want to see would believe the media, spin doctors, and the administration. The blame game is still working and is being played to the max. This was not a GOP shutdown ... it was a call for debit attention ... and the real threat of a depression and recession in the near future. A wake up call if you will.

          Thanks for the reply. Bob.
      • Oct 24 2013: Thanks Bob Gosh am I a little off on numbers ? Sorry but I don't believe that we are dealing with some really big bubbles that I believe will be allowed to fester. The thing the Republicans do not acknowledge but they know Obama cannot be President again. I bellieve that we are in a mess that will be called DepressionII I hope that I am wrong as you probably agree.
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          Oct 25 2013: George, I thing we are the very precipice of both a repression and depression. I think that to make the effort to educate the general public is the real issues and the dangers that they represent is the purpose. I think that they understand that Obama cannot be re-elected but now is the time to demonstrate the failure of the leadership and to put stop guards in place to prevent further damage. The issue was the economy but the spin doctors and the president himself redirected the attention of the public. The blame game is still working for him.

          The issues must be brought to light prior to the campaigns or the issues will become the disaster that we fear.

          While our leadership courts Iran we have lost Saudi Arabia ... NSA has cost us our credibility and directly Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and who knows who else ... the question of Benghazi is still unsettled .... the fed is running the show ... Obamacare is a bust ... We are a failed diplomatic nation .... It only took two terms to destroy what it took 200 years to build. Yep I am mad.

          Thanks for the reply.
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      Oct 22 2013: I say it was a stunt that work exactly as planned. The masses still believe the US is controlled by a two party system, and they have unlimited borrowing limit until January 16. (FYI: they borrowed/increased our dept over $300 billion in the first day) Harry Reid got his $3 billion earmark for a Kentucky project. Federal employees that got a Paid vacation also will get a 1% raise.
      • Oct 23 2013: That's an even more cynical situation than I believed. Or is it I do believe that someone doesn't want us looking at the real problem while the bubbles grow. I am not sure that most of our political leadership realizes how bad the real problems are.
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    Oct 22 2013: Western capitalism is collapsing everywhere, this is what's happening. They are delaying the final collapse as much as they can but the price to pay is to make the poor poorer pushing white collars below the poverty line, while accumulating more money into the riches' bank accounts.

    No way out beside ParEcon or any other similar system.
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      Oct 22 2013: Poor reasoning. Why would capitalists who make profits by selling goods and services to people would want people to become poorer and poorer. How about this rational... A government makes promises to provide poor people with all the necessities of life just for their support. The government takes monies from capitalists in the form of taxes to give to the "poor". Soon, some of the capitalists saving what they could left the country. Others who were not so lucky.... became one of the poor. Soon, the government controlled all the wealth of the nation and gave out some to the poor and kept the rest for themselves.
      A fanciful tale? Not so much. Cuba? Venezuela? How long a list can I make....
  • Oct 22 2013: Hi. Bob,
    There are something I can tell you. According to recent news, the folks getting most benefit are the "laid off" Federal workers during the 16 day shutdown period. Because the report said that they not only get all the back pay for their idle time, they can also keep their unemployment compensation benefit which was paid by the states. In other words, they were paid something like 150%, similar to an overtime wage, but it was not overtime at all; but the opposite; i.e. for the OVERTIME PAID VACATION! Just like what I told you in the previous Discussion.
    The net losers are the government contractors and many businesses which cater to government operated agencies in the closed-down public parks or other closed-down governmental offices.