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USAs recent federal shut down.

The government is back in business until January.

The question is What is your opinion of the 16 day shutdown.

Employees got paid so that is not a issue ....

Other than politics as usual .... what happened?


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    Oct 22 2013: Western capitalism is collapsing everywhere, this is what's happening. They are delaying the final collapse as much as they can but the price to pay is to make the poor poorer pushing white collars below the poverty line, while accumulating more money into the riches' bank accounts.

    No way out beside ParEcon or any other similar system.
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      Oct 22 2013: Poor reasoning. Why would capitalists who make profits by selling goods and services to people would want people to become poorer and poorer. How about this rational... A government makes promises to provide poor people with all the necessities of life just for their support. The government takes monies from capitalists in the form of taxes to give to the "poor". Soon, some of the capitalists saving what they could left the country. Others who were not so lucky.... became one of the poor. Soon, the government controlled all the wealth of the nation and gave out some to the poor and kept the rest for themselves.
      A fanciful tale? Not so much. Cuba? Venezuela? How long a list can I make....

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