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By helping public services officers improve their performane, can we empower them against systemic corruption? Please share evidence, ideas.

Many public service officers are in a corrupt system and are not corrupt by choice. We need to find ways to empower and enable them. This could be through legal assistance, training, and recognition. Looking to validate and support this hypothesis?

Let us say Janette could have run into some vested interests. Now that she has a very high profile, she would it find it easier to resist that and it would also be difficult for others to push her around. There are many other examples like that around the world, which can help shape this idea. We need have belief and faith in people and find ways of helping them.

Why do this? Public service officials have a huge impact on our future as well as today. Usual model is to impact the governance through change in elected officials or fight these issues in court. Both are time consuming and not very productive, effective. If we drive the change from inside and are able to create enough momentum and critical mass, we can bring more sustainable and dramatic change.


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  • Oct 23 2013: Dear Rajbir Sing
    I am also an Indian. I am writing what I see in India.
    In primary education we learnt to follow the path of true and ethical. But when a child grow up, in college his teacher and his parents teach to be practical with the world. Let them do what they want, but not tell them that they are doing wrong. If you resist they will make your life miserable. You can't live normal life in this India. You can see this scenario in latest news.
    So everyone want his normal life, most of the person in India do this. Those who don't follow the path they are known as unsuccessful person in India. And Successful person become the roll model of child. What child learn, he do in his life.
    Change is the law nature. But In India it is very difficult to make change. I think it is not possible in our life.
    with hope one day system of India will change.
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      Oct 24 2013: Well said sir! your words are 100% true in India. Here in India Practical life means not to be Honest. This is the lesson taught by everyone when teenagers or a person going to face the world. and the solution for this is very simple. don't think about the elder generations.think about the current and emerging generations.they are the india's of tomorrow.WE should be the role model to our future generation
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        Oct 24 2013: Well Avinash, really liked the comment about Role Model. Thanks for that. It is not easy to swim against the tide and be a role model, as is evident from so many other comments. How does one become a role model then? What motivates a person to swim against the tide? Are you aware of any examples of such people? Can you please share some examples for everyone's benefit.

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