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What is poverty line ? How the poverty line is defined ? What are the parameters that define a poverty line ?

What is poverty line ? How the poverty line is defined ? What are the parameters that define a poverty line ?

After sifting through the data of a survey I have found that a family whose income is approx Rs 36000 annually is comes under APL and a family whose income is above the amount mentioned comes under the BPL category.

I have also come across road side venders who sell fast foods and their income is more that Rs 20,000/month but the society perceives them as poor people. And there also some people who do official job or are self employed having a good office but their monthly income is below Rs 15,000 and the society perceives them not as poor but one who belongs to well to do family.

So, How exactly poverty is defined ? Who are poor people ? What are the parameters to defines the person as a poor person ?

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    Oct 23 2013: these lines make no sense at all, especially in the light of rich countries having "poverty" lines that must be considered unthinkable luxury by any 3rd world standards.

    i mean, i was once scolded here because i mistakenly reported the US povery line at 21600, and i was corrected that it is closer to 10000, i still don't understand that system. but let me point out that this is still more than most people earn in my country, and my country is still a rich country if you look globally.

    behind these numbers, there is always an agenda. and the agenda is rarely to help these people.
    • Oct 25 2013: Mollie Orshansky came up with the method for the US in 1963. Both numbers are correct prior to 2011, 10000 is for a family of 1 not living on a farm and 21600 is a family of 4 not living on a farm.

      Is the method still valid, I do not think so but they have not changed the method yet.
  • Oct 23 2013: Think you are asking 2 questions - poverty line which is a statistical number
    is a reasonable definition.

    The other question is the perception of poverty that society has. It is also tied into the perception of social class.
  • Oct 22 2013: the poverty -in material i mean- is when an individual is not able to provide tthree meals a day , not having a proper cover , nor proper clothes ...
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    Oct 22 2013: i think the poverty is the poverty of modesty and goodness not the poverty of money but by social eyes yes it is true because the salary and we can't have the all satisfaction of our needs and comfort with povrety and can touch the honor of the human if it come intense,with compassion and whispers * who own 100 must give 1 for an empty-handed it can return back his comfort for 100 and enriches the peace for everyone.