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how to be a good listener?

I often read that it's very important to be a good listener. Any tips you have for how to be one?

If someone were a bad listener, could they still have a good life?


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well, I believe the most helpful thing I learned is that one of my biggest impediments to listening well is having worries on my mind that I'm trying to solve whilst also trying to listen to another person talk about entirely different subjects. Thus I need to find a way to deal with these worries, and when I have, I am a better listener.

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  • emna BO

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    Oct 22 2013: first, when you see that something is wrong with someone you ask him if he tells that nothing is wrong you ask if he is sure .
    and you ask questions to show that you re intrested in the story .
    to comment and ask him to go on etc..
    then you add your opinion and suggest a solution if it is a problem of course .

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