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Isn't it possible that spiritual forces operate around us with it's own laws?

It has only been a few decades that we have discovered the force of gravity, electromagnetism, weak force and strong force. Understanding these forces have made us able to do things that we wouldn't have even dreamed of as possible. There are still many things we do not understand about it but we have no doubt at all that it exists. Perhaps spiritual forces also do exist that we have not yet understood and perhaps understanding it will help us do things and answer questions that we are still struggling with.


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    Oct 22 2013: Let me share an example of the power of spiritual forces. Think of a teacher who has faith in the capacity of his/her students and another teacher who lacks this faith. Will the way they teach be any different? Will the outcome be any different? Can the way the students respond to them be any different? Can we then say that the power of faith is essential for a teacher? Isn't faith a spiritual force that has visible effects?
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      Oct 22 2013: Shahzad,
      It depend on what you are talking about when you refer to "spiritual forces" and "faith". I do not believe it is beneficial for a teacher to impose his/her personal beliefs in spirituality and faith on students in a classroom.

      No, I do not believe that "the power of faith is essential for a teacher". Faith and belief in the children....yes. It appears, however, that you are trying to bring religion and spirituality into this conversation through the back door!

      I love Nepal BTW.....hiked the Annapurna mountain range years ago....that is a beautiful force:>)
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        Oct 22 2013: Dear Colleen, glad to hear that you have hiked in Nepal and loved the country. It certainly is a "beautiful force". When talking about "spiritual force" or "faith" I am not talking about the religion of the teacher but just simply about the faith the teacher has in the capacity of the student. Faith certainly is something that people who do not believe in religion also have. Scientists have faith in the order of the universe. You certainly have faith that the world can become a better place which I can infer from your regular participation with TED.

        But if you don't mind may I also add, with all due respect, that "religion and spirituality" should not be shown the "back door" by the the people involved in science or development unless they plan to set the course of the world without the participation of about 5 billion people who believe in "religion and spirituality". But let me assure you again that I do not intend to "bring religion and spirituality into this conversation through the back door!"
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        Oct 23 2013: Dear Colleen, I hope my comments didn't dissuade you from further participation from this discussion. I apologize if it did. Would love to hear more from you.
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          Oct 23 2013: Thank you for this comment, your concern, and invitation Shahzad:>)

          Your comments did not dissuade me. I was curious to see your reply to Lejan's question...perhaps you missed it?

          4 hours ago: What is a spiritual force to you? What does it do?"
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      Oct 22 2013: In the context of your comment....faith reminded me of something called the "Halo Effect".
      This effect is something introduced to education majors early on in university.
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        Oct 22 2013: Thanks Mary, I had not heard of the Halo Effect before. Does the Halo Effect talk only about effect on the person who has the bias or also on the people who are being biased?

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