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Should we let homeopathy be?

The biggest dilemma for me is that placebo is proven to work better if the physician also believes he's giving real medecine. In this view, homeopathy is the perfect placebo. Even the people making it, through laborious dilutions, have GOT to believe in it, or their high school knowledge about chemistry would make it tempting to skip the whole process and make more profit selling sugar.
It's even got quantum mechanics watching its back, losing the more curious ones in complexe explanations about just how complexe liquid water is.
And of course, the idea is fun. Like cures like. 1/1000000th of a molecule of ethanol to cure a hangover.
Sure it's tempting to ridicule the whole industry for the billion dollar quackery it is. But one might actually find that it's saving a lot of healthcare money, and that it WORKS! And it works because we let it, because we don't ask for double-blind tests...
So what's your view on this? Is homeopathy a cheap way to heall the credulous? Or has it gone too far and is part of what makes the transition to the age of reason so darn slow?



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    Nov 17 2013: About 15 years ago I was out of work and hoping to find a job within walking distance of my home. I responded to an ad in the local paper for the position of office manner at a nearby homeopathic clinic. After faxing my resume I picked up two books at our local library on homeopathy, realizing that although I was well-qualified as an office manager, I could use some background on homeopathy to give me a leg-up during a possible job interview.

    During my research, in a book by Maria Castro, "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook", I came across a homeopathic cure which was indicated for my general symptoms, emotional/mental symptoms, and my specific physical complaint of "BELLY/STOMACH: bloated; intolerant of tight clothing; rumbling.", an issue which had plagued me for decades. The remedy indicated by my various symptoms was 'Nux Vomica' (in Canada, marketed as' Colubrina'). I bought some colubrina, rated at dilution strength - 30 succussions, and used it successfully to eliminate my stomach pain on subsequent flare-ups, which now recur infrequently. I have since used various remedies, most notably 'Silicia' for mouth inflammations which occasionally occur after eating heavily spiced foods.

    It has often occurred to me that my recovery from these particular complaints may be due to my expectation of recovery as much, or more, than it has to do with the actual physical homeopathic cure. In my higher flights of fancy I am even prepared to credit my recoveries to the mere presence of the silicia in my medicine cabinet, or in the world at large. Perhaps knowing that Ms. Castro's handbook exists is all that is needed.


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