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Should we let homeopathy be?

The biggest dilemma for me is that placebo is proven to work better if the physician also believes he's giving real medecine. In this view, homeopathy is the perfect placebo. Even the people making it, through laborious dilutions, have GOT to believe in it, or their high school knowledge about chemistry would make it tempting to skip the whole process and make more profit selling sugar.
It's even got quantum mechanics watching its back, losing the more curious ones in complexe explanations about just how complexe liquid water is.
And of course, the idea is fun. Like cures like. 1/1000000th of a molecule of ethanol to cure a hangover.
Sure it's tempting to ridicule the whole industry for the billion dollar quackery it is. But one might actually find that it's saving a lot of healthcare money, and that it WORKS! And it works because we let it, because we don't ask for double-blind tests...
So what's your view on this? Is homeopathy a cheap way to heall the credulous? Or has it gone too far and is part of what makes the transition to the age of reason so darn slow?



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  • Oct 22 2013: Science dismisses the subjective because it gets in the way of understanding objects, thus the objective viewpoint. This is most excellent when you are dealing with hydrogen bombs and stripped toothpaste and bridges and other purely physical objects. But what do we do when the thing is not just an object, like, perhaps, a human being. I am an intersection between the objective and the subjective, an intersection of body, "energy", mind, and spirit. Skeptopaths don't understand this and imagine that the only way to know anything is from the objective viewpoint. Consequently they are STUPID and oblivious when it comes to subjective matters, and they assume that they have a monopoly on all knowing, when in fact they are dreadfully shallow.

    The power of suggestion or the placebo effect is just the beginning of understanding the subjective. Understanding and experiencing the subjective goes way beyond that.

    I am going to guess that EVERY SINGLE male skeptopath has one of the following: no relationship with a woman, a dominating relationship with a woman, or a terribly rocky relationship with a woman. The female skeptopaths probably have a better go at it, but not by much. And I am betting that the male skeptopaths can't figure out what this has to do with anything. It has to do with the pathological denial of the subjective.

    I love my doggies with all my heart; I know that they are semi-conscious God in doggie form trying to evolve into full consciousness. And I am helping them with love and affection and good food and scratching their bellies and playing with them.

    Homeopathy has been working for me and my family for the past 44 years. That, I say, that is some kind of placebo effect!

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