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Why is primary education such a big deal?And should education mean the same for all?Should there even be standards for what one can learn?

Growing up in a country plagued by poverty i don't understand the great stress on education. Most people in my country are involved in agriculture. And they would rather send their children to the fields then to a primary school and i can't argue with it. Because i can't see how primary education will help them rise from poverty.Surely what comprises education for the these poor should be different from what it is for me in the urban middle-class. So what should they be taught in primary education? Letters, languages or how to improve productivity and avoid uncertainty in farming?

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  • Oct 22 2013: Without a few bare essentials, reading and writing, basic mathematics, perhaps a foreign language, if you're born a farmer, you stay a farmer.
    Its not about turning all the farmers into doctors and lawyers overnight. Its about allowing the brighter ones the ability to stop being farmers.

    Eventually, as the economy begins modernizing, you end up with less and less people needed for manual labor. That's when the education really comes in--they'll be out of a job and with no prospect of finding a new one once a machine starts doing their manual job better.
    This isn't a bad thing, if handled correctly. It increases quality of life if the transition goes well.

    There is also the impact on the country at large. Without widespread education, you're going to have a shortage in things like doctors, engineers and other academic professions.
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      Oct 28 2013: Well basic mathematics is definitely essential. but even with primary education most farmers tend to stay farmers. granted there will be one in a thousand extra-ordinary success story but what would be even better is a system where you get one in ten such stories. I'd like to think we could be teaching them logical reasoning, experimenting technique through practical examples (to eliminate the need for language learning)or some such thing which they can immediately use rather than grammar. I am not saying education is unnecessary. Its indispensable. but in its present form its highly inefficient.

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