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Why is primary education such a big deal?And should education mean the same for all?Should there even be standards for what one can learn?

Growing up in a country plagued by poverty i don't understand the great stress on education. Most people in my country are involved in agriculture. And they would rather send their children to the fields then to a primary school and i can't argue with it. Because i can't see how primary education will help them rise from poverty.Surely what comprises education for the these poor should be different from what it is for me in the urban middle-class. So what should they be taught in primary education? Letters, languages or how to improve productivity and avoid uncertainty in farming?

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  • Oct 27 2013: Think for a moment, Primary Education: which make the children to understand their surrounding. What is the going on and what will effect on their life. In Simple word Primary education give the ability to choose right and wrong by their own idea.
    Let's consider if one person is illiterate, this person will depends on other person and will get fact according to other. Fact can be modified by other person for selfish. In this condition person can't contribute in country/world/humanity according to his creativity, what he have so, primary education is big deal.
    As I explained every person has different ability and creativity, So education should be according to the their ability. Standard of primary education should be in such a way, person can take their best decision for his life and his country/world.
    As Indian, There is huge poverty and different standard of education. A farmer struggle to earn his life since morning to evening. How he can afford the expenditure of education of their child. If you see Indian Govt. Primary Education program, there is no standard of that education in compare to urban primary education.
    According to me, In India Educated person should be take effort to fill the gap. For example you can easily see in your town or home, A family (Educated Family: most of the member of the family work as officer or in MNC) which have lot of money and their child getting education in public school. in the same family there are one or two child worker to serve them as well as their child.
    At last, we have to take initial step to educate other person as well as our child not 100% but approximate 1% effort to educate other child specially who serve you as your servant by giving them unused cloths and books of their child. In this way we can get better result, in compare to give all responsibility to government to educate rural child. Language of primary education should be in mother tongue. All the rest child can do when he come to know his abilities.
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      Oct 28 2013: The point I would like to make is the primary education being imparted is just not serving the purpose. It is seen by by both the teachers and students in many places as a chore or duty to be done with. Hence I am not sure if it is really helping the children to develop discretionary ability as you say. So would it not be better to emphasize on something else more closer to their lives rather than waste their time in a classroom where they are disinterested totally?
      • Oct 28 2013: at least give them a chance cause if they don't make it In school there just gonna get that type as job any how, right?

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