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What exactly is an "Ideal Personality"?

In this age, with population over 7 billion, what is it that can be considered as "ideal"? Who is it that people really look upto or wish that they could be like him/her? What makes the "ideal personality" different from others?


Closing Statement from Tej Shah

Well, at the end of discussion we can conclude that there's no one 'ideal' in specific. Discussion can be squared down to the fact that whlle there's no one perfectly ideal, there are a few personality traits which can be considered ideal, as they're pleasant to everyone. Personally, I believe- make peace with yourself and that's what i feel is 'ideal'. Everything else, will take care of itself. It completely depends on thoughts and beliefs that a person has, when a person defines 'ideal personality.' The best hypothetic answer would be the one given by Yoka Feng. Rest all answers were based on individual perceptions, which wouldn't be that helpful to everyone.

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    Oct 25 2013: I'd like to consider the ideal personality as " never give up hope( optimistic and self-motivated),kind and rational,open and patient,confident and diligent, studious and modest,decisive and strong-minded, interesting and intelligent.":)
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      Oct 25 2013: That's the most satisfying answer so far. It encompasses all the positive aspects which usually people expect anyone around them to have. Also, It's generalized very well. Description is, however, of impracticably perfect personality, but it's completely relevant to the discussion- as the concept that ideal exists itself is farfetched. :)
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        Oct 26 2013: Thank you Tej for your comment~
        Those are just IDEAL ones and I agree that you should perfect yourself from some simplest ones according to your disposition and personal traits.
        And I also like to advise you that even you don't have some of these, you can make some friends who have something in common with you in personality as well as some personal traits you don't have to make up for your weakness in personality.:)
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          Oct 28 2013: Well, that's a tacit understanding that everyone has. That's something very mainstream. What we're discussing here is not just about making friends, but a much wider perspective.
          It's actually just a discussion, which may give us an opportunity to visualize a different world which is a tad different and may be - more pleasant than the existing one!

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