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What exactly is an "Ideal Personality"?

In this age, with population over 7 billion, what is it that can be considered as "ideal"? Who is it that people really look upto or wish that they could be like him/her? What makes the "ideal personality" different from others?


Closing Statement from Tej Shah

Well, at the end of discussion we can conclude that there's no one 'ideal' in specific. Discussion can be squared down to the fact that whlle there's no one perfectly ideal, there are a few personality traits which can be considered ideal, as they're pleasant to everyone. Personally, I believe- make peace with yourself and that's what i feel is 'ideal'. Everything else, will take care of itself. It completely depends on thoughts and beliefs that a person has, when a person defines 'ideal personality.' The best hypothetic answer would be the one given by Yoka Feng. Rest all answers were based on individual perceptions, which wouldn't be that helpful to everyone.

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    Oct 26 2013: Tej, the question is what your objective is.
    Are you looking for the perfect personality in the eyes of others or do you want a personality that makes you feel good.
    If it is the first option, then you probably won't find the perfect personality because a kind of personality that I would like to see in another person might be different from that my neighbor looks for.
    If it is the 2. option, then you will have listen to yourself and figure out what makes you feel well.
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      Oct 27 2013: Is it necessary that in the process of being good to others or being someone who everybody loves to be with- you hurt yourself? And of course, no one in this age would like to hurt own very self to 'please' people! There must be some middle way we need to find as making peace with own self is as important as being ideal to others.
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        Oct 28 2013: No, it doesn't have to be that extreme that you hurt yourself, but the question is authenticity.
        The more you adapt to other people's expectations the more you leave behind of your own essence.
        There probably isn't a right or wrong answer to this question but everybody has to determine for himself how authentic he wants to be.

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