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What exactly is an "Ideal Personality"?

In this age, with population over 7 billion, what is it that can be considered as "ideal"? Who is it that people really look upto or wish that they could be like him/her? What makes the "ideal personality" different from others?


Closing Statement from Tej Shah

Well, at the end of discussion we can conclude that there's no one 'ideal' in specific. Discussion can be squared down to the fact that whlle there's no one perfectly ideal, there are a few personality traits which can be considered ideal, as they're pleasant to everyone. Personally, I believe- make peace with yourself and that's what i feel is 'ideal'. Everything else, will take care of itself. It completely depends on thoughts and beliefs that a person has, when a person defines 'ideal personality.' The best hypothetic answer would be the one given by Yoka Feng. Rest all answers were based on individual perceptions, which wouldn't be that helpful to everyone.

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    Oct 24 2013: Ideal- Someone in harmony with one's self. This means to be able to govern one's self with reason, knowledge, and experiences. To be able to manage and notice what one's appetites are and keep in moderation, free of addictions.
    This should also be among society or groups of people ranging from an individual to the governing everyone.

    Easier said than done.
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      Oct 25 2013: So understanding and governing one's own self is the only key? People have different ways of thinking, have different knowledge, reasons and experiences. This leads to individuality at group or individual level. So, to sum up, it won't lead to something which can conform to an ultimate standard of perfection or in other words, it won't be 'ideal'. The idea you expressed is actually noble, but quite impossible to implement.
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        Oct 25 2013: Yes, it is the key to move forward. Yes, people do have different ways of thinking..ect, Tej, I understand. Perfection is quite impossible to implement, yes. However, this doesn't mean we as individuals and/or humanity can not continually get closer to perfection than where we are today. Why does history have to repeat itself so many times? Seems insane to me. Is humanity gaining any knowledge from any of it? You and I do think, know, reason, and experience differently, yes. We can live next to each other until one of us becomes "addicted" to an appetite. Man to man, group to group there is no difference. What are some appetites seeking moderation? Power (greed, wealth, domination), food, drugs are just three that come just off the top of my head. When we begin to recognize these we can begin to move forward to civilization "CIVIL" and as an individual. I'll be right back, I'm going outside for a smoke. I do this alone so I don't piss others off in my home :) This is my individual repeat as history (war) repeating itself.
        To make this a complete circle back to topic. I'm not better than you and you are not better than me. We all have virtues which we get pleasure from. You, Technology , Innovation and Human Psychology. Me, flying an airplane and other things as well. Can we both put our virtues to use? Do we both have this opportunity or do we have to compete for it among our peers for it? If so, then we must find another virtue to obtain pleasure. Does this mean I'll seek some pleasure by having another smoke? No, I choose to come back and say what is above. :)

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