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What exactly is an "Ideal Personality"?

In this age, with population over 7 billion, what is it that can be considered as "ideal"? Who is it that people really look upto or wish that they could be like him/her? What makes the "ideal personality" different from others?


Closing Statement from Tej Shah

Well, at the end of discussion we can conclude that there's no one 'ideal' in specific. Discussion can be squared down to the fact that whlle there's no one perfectly ideal, there are a few personality traits which can be considered ideal, as they're pleasant to everyone. Personally, I believe- make peace with yourself and that's what i feel is 'ideal'. Everything else, will take care of itself. It completely depends on thoughts and beliefs that a person has, when a person defines 'ideal personality.' The best hypothetic answer would be the one given by Yoka Feng. Rest all answers were based on individual perceptions, which wouldn't be that helpful to everyone.

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    Oct 21 2013: While having a range of personality types is probably ideal, traits that would seem very useful for a changing world are adaptability and resilience.
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      Oct 22 2013: Well..that's what I have observed frequently around me. But whenever I have this idea in mind, a confusing thought arises as it triggers the thought of any popular personality- say for example- our very own legendary cricketer- Sachin Tendulkar. His personality is defined only by one thing that he is outstanding in i.e. cricket and as we know there are millions of people around the world who consider him to be an ideal being. Those millions and many more look upto him, want to have a life like his. We don't know if he exhibits a range of personalities in his personal life, but we can say that it is only cricket which makes him an "ideal" personality for millions of his likers. Also, he doesnt exhibit any trait that can be useful to face the changing world. Same can be thought about Lionel Messi or say Leonardo de caprio. So the confusion is that- is it a diversified personality or a single trait that decides whether someone is ideal or not?
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        Oct 22 2013: I don't think being a cricketer is correctly labeled a personality trait. Are you asking about personality traits?
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          Oct 22 2013: Exactly, being a cricketer isn't a personality trait. What I wanted to convey by above example is that success/fame often masks the overall personality. People look upto successful people, consider their personality to be ideal, want to be them without knowing/irrespective what personality they exhibit in their personal life-how they actually are with their friends, family and colleagues. So is success the key factor by which anyone's personality is judged and everything else is just secondary? Also, isn't being cheerful, adaptable, wise, proficient, friendly, calm & confident the right combination of being ideal as far as overall personality is concerned?
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        Oct 22 2013: What you describe is not necessarily "personality".............what you are describing is "popularity".

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