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Do you think emotional intelligence has as impact on our daily life ??

How did it start ? do people care, do they even know how great impact does it have on our children and adolescence ?

  • Oct 26 2013: Yes, the lack of it more than a proper use of it.

    The best known example is road rage. This has nothing to do with what happens, but totally with how we react.
    We have no control over what happens to us. However, if mentally healthy, we have full control over how we choose to respond.
    Swearing can also be un-learned by consciously making the choice to not 'go there.'

    This is one of the most important aspects of raising a child. They need to learn that it is not OK to bite when they're angry because someone takes the toy (which is not even theirs) out of their hands. Child discipline develops into self-discipline at an older age.
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    Oct 26 2013: Socrates used to say "know thyself.” It is the top of knowledge.

    The importance of emotional intelligence dates form ancient period. Those quotes confirms that.

    And today, almost 3000 years later, still the question about controling emotions is still interesting topic. One of the reasons is because that area is not researched well. Researches were focused on intelligence based on storage of information,and social intelligence.

    And is it important? It is the most important for your live. Emotional intelligence helps for cope with stress, to cope with problems, to stop outbursts of emotions.

    And, to accentuate, every form of intelligence is possible to "exercise". You can use some methods to learn better and to repair your memory possibilities, you can prove your social intelligence, by using some social skills, also, you can do on your emotional intelligence and be more calm, more ready for conflict and fighting for justice, without stress manifestation (sweating, trembling body and voice). Researchers used to learn us how.
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    Oct 22 2013: it's the best at all we just are newest with it...
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    Oct 22 2013: We just finished having a wonderful conversation a few weeks ago regarding this very subject.
    It was based on an article in the New York Times.

    Here is the link:

    You have posted a wonderful subject for conversation, since emotional intelligence really affects our interpersonal relationships.
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      Oct 22 2013: Mary M. thanks for your interest and the article, really needed this , I didn't realize the old conversation.