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Why did you choose to be an environmental scientist/engineer? What did you think u would gain out of it & did it meet your expectations

I graduated last year with a B.S. in biology and environmental science. I wanted to save the world, but I'm not sure from what. I guess I had these childhood dreams of making the world a better place. However, many months later, I am still trying to get a job in that field to no avail. Now, all I want is just a job. Those dreams are not as big as they used to be and I feel like I need inspiration to continue to want the job that I once dreamed of. I would love to feel inspired again or just brought back down to reality. I would love to read any comments.

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    Oct 22 2013: Katherine,
    There is an old expression... too soon old, too late smart. You selected an education plan for a career that really wasn't there.
    In 1957, I took a 6 hour class called man and his environment. as a filler in my civil engineering program. In 1998, I took a job as a Community Chief of Utilities responsible for Water, Sewage, Garbage and Electricity for a community of about 40,000 with a budget for a town half that size. I remembered some things from that old class and dug out the text and was able to do things in recycling and reusing. I wasn't trying to save the planet, I was trying to save some money and stay within my budget.
    Too many of your environmental science classmates have taken the environmental cause to a religious level. That's fine if you are looking for work with the Sierra Club, but what you really need to do is to present an employer the fact that you can make him money by employing new and better ways (environmentally appropriate) to save money or time or make a profit.... now you are employable or at least more so.....