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Should we view wealth hoarding as dysfunctional as any other form of hoarding?

We tend to view those who acquire and accumulate "stuff" endlessly as hoarders who are dysfunctional and requiring health care assistance. Therefore, those whose lives are an endless accumulation of wealth and who use that wealth for little more than acquiring ever more "stuff" and/or endlessly stimulating as many pleasure centers as they can as often as then can seem to fall into that dysfunctional category.


Closing Statement from william clegg

We had quite a lively debate ensued on this topic. The majority of comments suggest that hoarding wealth is, in fact, dysfunctional and many offered insightful ways in which they saw that dysfunction being played out in the real world. They also point out that the harm caused by a wealth hoarder is generally imposed upon their community while for other forms of hoarding it is the hoarder themselves who bears the brunt of that behaviour.

There were a few who were opposed to the hoarding label and who appeared to have no problem with the endless accumulation of wealth, largely because they seem to believe that the wealth was still being invested but offered no validation of this premise. As well that seems to be a rather specious argument if all the investing does is acquire more wealth.

It was pointed out a number of times that hoarding can have very real health issues involved, both psychological and physical. However, whether those health issues are as problematic for the wealth hoarder who has estates with lots of gates, security and staff to hide behind as they are in the poor and middle class who are far more visible is uncertain. Although the number of wealthy celebrities who have overdosed on drugs and/or alcohol abuse may be one indicator.

But the most humorous comments appeared to take real umbrage with the mere suggestion that wealth was being hoarded and even employed old 20th century commie fear mongering to make their - rather dull - point. .

It seems that for the majority of contributors hoarding is hoarding and as such is as dysfunctional as other forms of hoarding but that we all experience the consequences of that dysfunction. .

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    Oct 24 2013: Enough Already....
    There are people who accumulate wealth. The only question if any should be.... was it done legally?
    Yes.... OK, did they bury it in a pillow case in their back yard?
    No... Then no problem.

    Are the people who have no talent for the accumulation of wealth?
    Yes.... And these people have difficult times, some to the point of survival. Should these people take guns and rob wealth from those who have wealth?
    No... that's illegal and further, it is not nice.

    Should government take wealth in the form of taxes and give it to those who have no wealth?
    That seems to be the major question of this conversation....
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      Oct 24 2013: Your statements makes it seem like you believe wealth is obtained through talent. This really isn't a rule. Many people have obtained wealth through very unethical business practices.

      We cannot say poor people are poor because they have no talent. I hope that's not what you are trying to imply here.
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        Oct 24 2013: Mike appears to think that his opinions are the most salient ones. However, there seem to be a lot of others in this forum who believe otherwise. Therefore we have an excellent example of opinion verses discussion and, Henry, thanks to your response and others it seems that opinion is not fairing very well :).
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          Oct 24 2013: Mr. Clegg.
          Of course my opinions are the most salient ones. I wouldn't make them if I thought otherwise.
          But, before we can have discussions (or debates) each of us must have opinions or if I didn't I would just be reconfirming your opinions and my comments would be superfluous.
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        Oct 24 2013: Henry...
        Maybe I didn't say it well.... people who obtained wealth by illegal means should be punished. I am appalled that punishment is not metered out. Some say because of political influence or bribery and those political members should also be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

        Poor People. People are poor for so many reasons. Yes, some have no talent. Some have no education. Some have no opportunities. Some have no resources. Some have no.... There are a thousand reasons that effect someone from gaining wealth.
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          Oct 25 2013: You are right. Everything is relative as soon as you cross the threshold where needs become wants.
          If you live in a place where everybody's medium of transportation are his own legs then owning a bike might make you wealthy in the eyes of your peers.

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