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Do you think Eastern countries will surpass Western countries in the future?

We, now a days are seeing everywhere that, the middle east and eastern countries are developping in all aspects. what do you say about the future of the nations and explain.


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  • Nov 6 2013: I would argue that culture is the single largest driving force in whether or not a country is going to be a super-power or not. There are many other factors, but I think this is the one that makes or breaks.

    The United States is the inheritor of a long line of super-power cultures including Egypt, Greece, Rome and Britain. I am not sure what cultural factors are specifically being passed on from one to the next, but I do notice that each nation in this line was derived from the previous one, they were all super powers and they all purposefully tried to emulate their progenitors. While Asian has had many short-term super powers, the lack the legacy of long-term superpowers of related cultures. I think it unlikely they would succeed the United States, for reason that are unclear other than cultural precedent.

    I don’t mean to say that these cultural elements can’t be identified. I think we have already identified some such as the concept of the rule of law, constitutional government. Some of them are almost invisible to us like standardization, the idea that a store will be open certain hours of the day and carry a certain type of good. That seems so simple doesn’t it? But that expectation in a culture has a profound impact on an economy and it is not something that is shared by all people in the world.

    These subtle cultural elements have been passed down in the west from one civilization to the next and grown and improved over time. If culture is indeed related to power, we can guess there is something about Western culture that lends itself to power because the West has had a lot of it and more importantly has most of the longest lasting powers. But it is difficult to identify these elements, even from within and it is near impossible for another culture to emulate, even if their academics can identify them.

    So will an Eastern country over take the US or EU, maybe, but I am not sure that country that did so would look like anything other than a Western nation.

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