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What are your top 3 hated and loved professions?

I was just thinking that for a long time lawyers were commonly the #1 hated profession, and now they are way down on my list.
Not to say they are more like, just that other professions has surpass them.
And that got me wondering what other professions do TEDsters hated, and not to be a total bummer I’ll also ask what professions to you love?

For me my first thought is:
#3 Human Resources
#2 US Public school Teachers
#1 Politicians

#3 Researchers
#2 holistic/natural Farmers
#1 Online Educators

At first this seems like a shallow question, but if we reflect on our own and others’ answers I feel this may end up being a deep rabbit hole.

For example: what profession is to blame for making us dump enough to elect our politicians into office? Industrial age Teachers? The media? Drug lords? ;)

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    Oct 23 2013: Why do all the people hate being politicians?
    After all,some of the politicians did change the world.
    Is it because of prejudice?Anybody answer me?.......
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      Oct 23 2013: I can give you $51,832,661,760,021 and growing reasons, to hate politicians.
      China has it easy at $1,121 per person, compare to the US at $40,360 per person or Japan at $98,921.

      Plus NSA, corruption at all levels, and zero trust, it has not always been this way but then again politician was not always a life long profession.
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        Oct 26 2013: Thank you,Don.The data is powerful.
        It's true that zero trust is one of the issues that are always linked to "politics".
        When it comes to what's bad about NSA...Uh,it reminds me of Edward Snowden.I'm sorry for him not winning the Nobel Prize.
        And corruption...i guess dirty war is a good example.
        The link ,I personally don't hate it.(possibly because China's public debt per person is really not high)
        But for developed country like the US,it's also excusable to have a higher public debt.
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          Oct 28 2013: What scares and saddens me about Edward Snowden is that hundreds of thousands knew and still are working on this spying, and yet he is the only one that came forward.

          Although China politicians have their issues (like: school buildings needing better earthquake proofing, baby food and milk needs to be safer) things are improving and there is hope. Unlike the US where every aspect is dropping like a rock, higher taxes, less freedom, we now fear our politicians and struggle to find hope.
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        Oct 31 2013: Less freedom?Are you kidding?Come on,you guys should not be too picky.
        I'll tell you why.
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          Oct 31 2013: LOL, true we are “currently” very lucky, but personal freedoms have decreased faster than ever before.

          Personally I don’t care about what form of government there is, as long as citizens have their liberties.

          We have to buy X type of light bulbs, X type of cars, can’t smoke most places, most buy health insurance even thou with technology the idea of needing health insurance would have been obsolete in 10-50 years. We will never be out of dept. in our life time, forced to pay about half of our income in the Government. Once you include federal, state, sales, property eta taxes. And if you complain too loudly, you will be punished. With millions working for and with the NSA, I doubt Snowden was the only one to try to sound the alarm. Just the only one not silenced.

          Can this compare with how bad our country’s citizens have it? No!
          Can this compare with how good US citizens have it in the 1950s? No!
          Is the US government preparing for a major suppression of all citizen rights? BIG TIME YES!
          Homeland security order 5 bullets per citizen, and half million on fully automatic pepper spray launchers. (That also can use other types of gas spray balls, can you say nerve gas)
          NSA has every form of communication covered, every ID photo with its information alone with the best and fastest facial recognition software. And it will not be long before emotion reading is added to it. Court permission to kill citizens in the US via drone bombings.

          So yes we currently have it good, but not for long. I say 3 years maximum.
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        Nov 1 2013: "Can this compare with how good US citizens have it in the 1950s? No! "
        What you mean is that the US is regressing in this aspect?But,(notice,there is a BUT here),if the truth is just like what you said, higher taxes, less freedom,then something must gonna give you,right?Sometimes,you wanna benefit?Sacrifice first.Have you ever noticed good things coming up?

        I have just discussed about this with an American teacher in my school.When i asked her about this,her reaction was like:"oh,it's a big question."Obviously she didn't expected such a political question.She also mentioned the prejudice towards black people.And I am quite shocked to see this kind of inequality still exists in the American society.

        Don't you ever think i am a serious person,Don.I also love small talks. Have a nice weekend:)
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          Nov 5 2013: Your teacher’s response was typical and is large reason way I hate US teachers. When confronted with undisputable facts, loyalist to the democratic political party will resort to calming racism, anti-gay, or that the people with the facts are just religious nuts. US teachers are only interested in teaching kids what to think and how to think. If you need a good grade from your teacher, I would not suggest debating her. FYI as I said NSA can blackmail and/or eliminate anyone that stands up to stop them, and now the administration has been doing massive amount of dismissals of military generals that may oppose their take over.

          Racism in America is not nearly as bad as it is claimed to be; many claim racism for personal gain, and more commonly than what is normally consider racism, is people being labeled racist just because of the color of their skin.

          A bigger issue is that on average females get paid a lot less than men, but that is not always the case. For example my wife earn twice what I do, largely because I made a bad selection in profession and equally because she picked a good profession. Plus I have health issues limiting my professional options.
          I’m thinking that female pay is a worldwide issue, and although it is improving it is going to take time to correct.

          Chen, I also love small talks
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        Nov 2 2013: Don,i just noticed i have put the wrong link up there
        It was supposed to be this:
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      Oct 23 2013: Not like that in China,Politicians don't have enough privacy and freedom either in some foreign countries.
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      Oct 23 2013: It's not that people hate Being's that people Dislike/Hate the politicians.
      Sometimes it is because they are easy scapegoats..............people blame them for the conditions nationwide.

      That is my opinion of course.
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        Oct 24 2013: Thank you for your information, Mary~!:)
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          Oct 24 2013: You're welcome! :)
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        Oct 26 2013: Yeah,there are hundreds of movies talk about the scapegoats stuff.
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      Nov 6 2013: Yijiia Chen and Yoka Feng,

      I’m sure Weibo is very active with thoughts about the blasts at regional Communist Party offices and although I personally don’t know enough to provide thoughtful insights, I would like you both to know this is event is in my thoughts and prayers for those hurt by the attack.
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    Oct 22 2013: Someone said the opposite of love is not hate, but, indifference. Hate is a strong word to use for anything. So, according to me, top 3 professions against which I am indifferent, because, they don't carry out what they are expected to do are:

    1. Politicians
    2. Government officials
    3. Police

    Top 3 professions, I love are:
    1. Farmers
    2. Teachers
    3. Doctors

    And finally there are exceptions everywhere. There are bad teachers/doctors and good politicians/cops too.
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    Oct 23 2013: Dislikes:

    # 1A. Politicians
    # 1B. Unions
    # 3 Sheeple from all walks / professions


    # 1 Educators who fight to educate the students in spite of federal and state attempts to indoctrinate / socialize.
    # 2 Volunteers who stick with it even though they are treated poorly by employed regulars.
    # 3 Single parents who are fighting everyday for a better life for their family against the odds.

    I justified that volunteers are associated with the professionals they are assisting. Parenting is the greatest and has the most responsibility of all professions / endeavors.

    Hope you will allow these as entries.

    I, like you, share the lawyer thing and used car folks are right up there. I could justify Generational Welfare folks as professional moochers but they really fall under the politicians for make entitlements a lifestyle choice instead of working.

    This is indeed a deep rabbit hole and I just passed Alice in search of my answers ... Off with the disliked heads shouted the queen.

    Thanks Don ... always a pleasure ... I wish you well ... Bob.
  • Oct 22 2013: Love:

    Politicians and Lobbyists
    Paparazzi and their products
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    Oct 22 2013: HATE:
    1.Politicians - Because they are over-involved in every area. Today, you can't do nothing without politicians hypocrisy
    2.Doctors - Because of the corruption in this profession, it makes them being my ultimate hater of this profesion. I would like to emphasize and highlight medicines-mafia....
    3. Security State - their apsolutely negation of ANY human principle, privacy, emphasizing how many lives they did destroyed because of some politician interests...( remember movie "the lives of others")
    1. Pedagogists/Psychologists because of the human brain, and researching of human behavior, theories...strong science, and profesional profile
    2. Math science because I simply love mathematics and belive that inteligence is much more on higher level when you are using logical-mathematical way of think.
    3. Designers - because of uniqueness, creativity, connecting incompatibles. :)
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      Oct 23 2013: I now consider myself an amateur designer and was a profession mechanical equipment designer for many years, so thank for having designers on our love list. Something about blending function and art together to make everyday objects a pleaser to use, make me happy.

      I never thought of doctors as a mafia, just as greedy and often seriously wrong. But with thought I release it is protection racket, in the US we have to pay them even when we are healthy, or just need a simple medication. Plus what other profession gets paid more for their mistakes or giving bad advice.

      Doctors have been on several hate and love list, and I think that is worth looking deeper into.
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    Nov 3 2013: Dislikes:
    1) Thieves (robbers, burglars, plunderers, con-artists, pyramid-scams,...)
    2) Any profession that encourages negative sum games (this sadly includes a lot of money-maximizing jobs).
    3) slave-traders (and forms of human traffickers)

    1) Lawyers, solicitors, judges,... (they are keeping up the moral of the country, which is as good as decided upon)
    2) educators (can be journalists, teachers, professors, coaches, parents: they try and improve the level of society )
    3) researchers (scientists, engineers, architects,...: they increase our possibilities)
    Though I need to mention artists and farmers and health-care.

    Although any person that improves beauty, truth or goodness in his profession is + and any person that fails to achieve any of those in his profession is a -.

    And I really think politician is a very noble profession. Blame it on yourself that you fail to elect the right people in office. These people should be chosen according to their benefit to society and their ability to improve it. It's really sad that people don't esteem politics higher: you entrust those people with your power... Dare to choose for the people you believe in, and they will become your leaders.
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    Oct 28 2013: I feel I should state that “hated professions” is just a commonly used phrase in America, kind of a figure of speech. Although so many literally hate, most just dislike or have bad experiences with people in the said profession. If you internet search “hated professions” you will find top 5 & 10 list.
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    Oct 23 2013: My level of trust is preety shaken in that area. Maybe it's because I'm supporter of alternative medicine. Expencive medicines makes me think that, in this cancer expansion, only rich has right to be healthy.

    And I have to tell, that my level of trust is rocky when I think about your profile and your profession. It so nice to know that in this world there is "craft for sculpting human imagination" - it is how I experience you.
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    Oct 23 2013: Hi Mary,

    There was no "reply" option in your previous post so breaking the thread.

    The answer is "I don't know", seriously why this is happening. The trust of temple do some charitable thing, but the output is very less. I feel there should be no poverty in India, if the money is circulated in proper manner.
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      Oct 23 2013: Thank you for replying Kuldeep.

      I think this fleecing of the sheep by the shepherds is a big reason why some individuals do not trust religion.
      There have been several conversations regarding this topic.
      It is always a terrible thing when individuals who are supposed to serve humanity, obtain dishonest gain through their positions.

      I had never heard of the "trust of temple" before. That is a new idea for me.
      Thank you.
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        Oct 23 2013: Yes Mary that is the reason, why the trust is getting lost or is questioned.
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      Oct 23 2013: How do temples compete with each other? I would think the temple that helped the community would attract more people to the temple. I feel I’m missing something.

      On hoarding in India, I would be happy is more Americans hoarded gold for too many are only hoarding dept.
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    Oct 23 2013: Glad to know you are designer. :)

    My attitude about doctors is formed on social influences and it depends of where are you from.
    But money obsession, cause loose moral dimension in that profession.

    To clarify, I refer to a lot of discussion,documentaries about pharmaceutical mafia, making medicines without testing, corruption, coalition between doctors and pharmacists with mutual interest in selling medicines.

    Do you think that all this is pointless? Do you think that people deal with these issues without any need?
    I think that today, no one has much time to spare, to waste it on some kind of empty philosophy.
    That's why I have this attitude.
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      Oct 23 2013: I don’t think it is pointless, for I and most others belong to a profession that was hated in my country, but loved in other countries I would seek to learn what the others are doing differently.

      Plus I’m noticing a trend, between loved and hated professions, and that is the level of trust.
      Brand name drugs in the US are tested and inspected, and thus are trusted, whereas in the US generic drugs are not tested or inspected, and thus can’t be trusted. So given the option people will pay more for a trusted medication.
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    Oct 23 2013: love: self-employer(scientist,boss, freelancer...), respectable singer, traveller&gourmet
    hate:sexual-worker,doctor ,heavy workload laborer(construction-worker,street sweeper...,)
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    Oct 22 2013: Hi Don, by the way nice Name.

    Uhh, I don't hate these professions but not happy the way they work in my country India.

    1. Judiciary (the cases runs for more than 20 years, the accused dies by that time without punishment)
    2. The trust's that take care of Temples (I think temples have become like Banks with all the money incoming but no Outgoing otherwise Poverty would have eliminated from India)
    3. Brokers (they earn their commission on others hard work)

    And, the profession that I love or i am happy are

    1. Farming
    2. Archeologist
    3. Rehabilitators

    Thank you
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      Oct 23 2013: It is saddening to hear that trust’s for temples are that way, you would think working that close with a temple they realize that they will pay for their greed in the next life.

      I have been digging into geology and world history for the past few years, so a strongly agree Archeologist-profession is loved. Literally digging up history and saving it for all of mankind, is truly noble.
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        Oct 23 2013: It is very saddening for me to see temples hoarding so much wealth but very little output.

        let me explain there is no official or unofficial count of temples neither the money they are hoarding in India. Now in every 5 km range there are either 1 or more than one temple, out of belief that what is donated, God gives back in multiples; people donate money at every visit. But how that money is used or why that money is just kept at bank, people don't think. Why that money is not utilized for the welfare of poor and upliftment is my concern. I will give a link this is about the treasure found or gold donated to some big temples, this is just Tip of Iceberg.
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    Oct 22 2013: Presumably a "profession" has a professional code of conduct, or code of ethics.

    So I'm in favour of any professional who sticks to their professional code, and am somewhat less in favour of those who don't.

    Meanwhile, having originally trained as an engineer, I am appalled at the wasted engineering talent that goes into developing and manufacturing weapons-of-war, when that same talent could be spent so much more fruitfully for the social good.
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    Oct 22 2013: although it's a subjective question but i would like to share my experience.
    Most difficult and hated profession would be:
    1-Customer Service: you have to convince people that you have limits and that you can't apply anything they want. though you want to assist them as much as possible.
    2- Selling: you always have a target that you must achieve, and keeps controlling you.
    3-Celebrity: you must show different character in order to convince different prescriptive.

    Loved or preferred Profession:
    1-own business: you control you target and your duties according to your own view.
    2-teaching: you know exactly what you are here for and it's one of the great messages in life. When you graduate different generation one feels the importance of his will being.
    3-Desining: no exact limits for you thoughts, as long as you are not restrained by anything, you have the ability to promote things in to something amazing.
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    Oct 22 2013: Profession?

    Are you promoting lies?
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        Oct 22 2013: Thanks Craig .. was confusing.

        I think I get it now.
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      Oct 22 2013: I’m not promoting stereotypes, as I stated; “At first this seems like a shallow question, but if we reflect on our own and others’ answers I feel this may end up being a deep rabbit hole.”

      I’m not trying to promoting anything; at most you could say I’m promoting reflection on stereotypes or emotions that drive them.

      P.S. Wasn’t it William Shakespeare first stated “kill all the lawyers” quote in the play Henry VI (Part 2)? So judgments on professions is nothing new, nor do rational people assume everyone in the profession is to be hated.
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        Oct 22 2013: Thanks Don,

        The question is important for everyone.

        At one time only a few occupations were described as professional.
        So I suppose the term is now applied to anything that makes money .. and I have problems with that.

        To me, the main divide seems to revolve around motivation.
        I have a clear perception that some work is done simply to enable income with only opportunistic regard for skills. Other work is undertaken as a "calling" .. but the lines are blurred with individuals working side by side, on the same tasks, with wildly different incentives.

        The only way I can reconcile this is to define those incentivised by income as wage-slaves, and the task definition of "jobs". On the other hand, those incentivised by direct outcome or calling to be free people, and the task definition of "work".

        Our default motives for applying our agency are advantage - for ourselves, our families and our communities. Remuneration in a currency redirects all agency to the issuer of the currency - this makes it very difficult to perceive the true result of our applied agency.

        In that regard, all professions, as currently defined, are polluted - and only the individual's outcomes make a difference that can be judged.

        It must resolve to the person, not the profession.

        I could wish that all work was undertaken as a calling, the job/currency motive has very little to redeem it.
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    Gord G

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    Oct 22 2013: In no particular order...

    Most hated:

    An Actuary for a drug cartel
    Public Relations for morally corrupt corporations (ie. the tobacco industry)
    Film Producers with no moral or ethical compass

    Most loved:

    Artists who think independently
    Rodeo clowns

    (most admired - anyone who sacrifices their time for the benefit of others...which could be almost any profession depending on the character of the individual involved)
  • Oct 22 2013: Top Hated Professions.
    No 1 Major University Presidents and CEOs.
    No 2 Major Political Party Leaders.
    No 3 Editors of Controlled Content Medias.

    Top Loved Professions.
    No 1 NSA Researchers.
    No 2 Aviators.
    No 3 Grammar School Teachers.
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      Oct 22 2013: : I like your list and really like both your No 1s.

      Your top “Loved” profession (NSA) made me laugh. Assuming you where referring to “National Security Agency” and not something like “National Softball Association”, I like your style of humor.
      • Oct 22 2013: Don, great idea there.

        Let me be serious for a moment --
        No 1 NSA Researchers is something I would like to foster.

        We US citizens lack desire to "fully inspect our government".

        Today, when plainly our government is using secrecy, as a tool to circumvent
        the Freedom of Information Act, and to spy on us all, and upon other nations
        world-wide, we need Researchers to bring into the light of day, the Truth.
        No more, no less.

        Sorry to bring dour thoughts to mind, but things are getting out of control.
  • Oct 22 2013: Hate:
    1. Politicians
    2. Lawyers
    3. HR/Sourcing

    there are no professions without flaws which i hate.