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What is the future of wearable technology?

Wearable technology is an undeniable trend and many brands such as Nike, Apple, Samsung and Google are all bringing out products to satisfy consumers growing awareness and demand for new products.

A lot recently has been publicised about smartwatches in particular due to the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch and the new Apple iWatch- does this mean the future of wearable technology is all about wrist based devices? Can wearable technology cross over from being an fashion accessory to being a functioning part of our everyday lives? What do you think will happen in the future of this industry?


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  • Nov 1 2013: How far into the future would you like to know just a few years or thousands of years or maybe hundreds of thousands of years? Without some kind of time reference the answer could take volumes and you would not understand most of the answers anyway because the technology does not exist yet. It would be a pretty safe bet that none of us on this planet can even explain "all" of the technology going on in a single hair of our body.

    "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change"- Buddha

    Can you explain a woman carrying around another human for 9 months and then having it extracted, often cut out of her body. Can you imagine in your wildest night mares the amount of pain she must bear to carry around all that extra weight for most of a year. While you are thinking about that take into consideration that this parasite is sapping as much strength and nutrition from her body as it can possibly get. Then when it gets a big as a volley ball it starts kicking and punching to get out. Now the worst question of all, how do you get something the size of a volleyball through a hole the size of a tennis ball? Try to imagine that kind of pain but please do not throw up or pass out, neither will help. But the real question is this, why would you ever, ever, ever do that again?

    If you can give me a satisfactory answer to that question I will tell you anything you want to know about the future.
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      Nov 7 2013: Keith is right here..., right on the money ... Long live Keith W Henline! Hurray!
      • Nov 7 2013: Flattery will get you anywhere.... what the Hell Lejan I think I'll give Georgina a small peak, let's see it would be about about 2072 before it's commercially available although the technology will first be developed for spies and then the military.
        A very small patch of smart material will be grafted to your ear drum allowing a transmission to and from the drum.
        It does not take much imagination to realize the immense possibilities here. For instance you could communicate with anyone, anywhere, in any language. Anyone could be talking to or guiding you or teaching you whether you are awake or asleep and you would be the only one to know it or hear it. Ipods would be pretty much obsolete by now. Sorry, if I tell you anymore I am going to have to hunt you down and then k.. well you know the drill, so don't tell anyone. It will be our little million dollar secret.. If enough of you are interested I may tell you just a little more..
      • Nov 7 2013: TY Lejan, I was not aware of Babel Fish and I tried to look up a better schematic to see exactly how it works but found no more than the imaginary fictitious one for sci-fi. My idea could work with the known technology we have today ie nano tubes, bio-tech organ and skin growing and small transmitters. Once the transmission is established all kinds of audio techniques can be applied, translation, amplification, subliminal education, relaxation, healing just to name a few. Kids could be teaching college by the time they are 12. They could be educated before the street gangs in and out of school get a hold on them and in spite of their uneducated parents..
        Unfortunately there are just as many criminal uses. I could train an entire army and control them with subliminal messages and they would have no idea who I am or that they are under my control. Of course since I am also a hypnotist I could have done that anyway.
      • Nov 7 2013: OK very funny, the difference is my idea would work, for real. By then they would have figured out how to control it with the brain but meanwhile it could be controlled with computers. I was never much on fiction, even sci-fi. I am much more interested in technology that either works today or can be explained with mathematics and logic.
      • Nov 7 2013: Which they, the present day scientists that are capable of making the ear graft work or the private army? The private army is not unique, many intelligence organizations have used and are using that idea already, Israeli's are the best at it but the KGB, CIA, MI6, Interpol and what ever they are called in Germany have used it for years.
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          Nov 7 2013: I see.

          By the way the KGB collapsed in 1991 together with the Soviet system, unless you deliberately referred to Belarus in your listing.

          The German organization is called Bundesnachrichtendienst.
      • Nov 7 2013: KGB... They just named it the Federal Security Service now... Putin is still referred to as from the KGB or connected to the KGB whatever there name they still use the technique I described to conceal the cover of there agents but mostly their double agents. Hypnosis is an awesome power.
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      Nov 7 2013: Dear Keith,
      I have not experienced what you describe as the birth of a child, nor have I ever heard any other woman describe it in that way. WOW....sounds terrible.....perhaps you have information that we women are not aware of!

      You ask..."But the real question is this, why would you ever, ever, ever do that again?"

      The only pain, was during the actual birth, and I remember while in labor, thinking....."I will NEVER do this again!!! It only takes one look at that sweet little creature, and the pain is forgotten....I've heard lots of women express that feeling:>)

      This does not seem relevant to the question....."wearable technology", but I felt that your comment needed clarification from a woman who has actually given birth:>)
      • Nov 7 2013: I am guessing there are as many birth experiences as there are women. My first wife was a hundred pounds soaking wet and our child although natural was extremely painful to her. The first six months were a breeze but the last three were starting to get uncomfortable.
        My second wife had back problems and never intended to get pregnant as she had two children already and although she was considering it before we were married, 15 minutes after we were married she decided a definite no for more kids. Things went down hill from there. When she did get pregnant she was furious, Bahai's don't believe in birth pills so we were left with rubbers which I didn't like and diaphragms which she didn't like or rhythm methods which apparently didn't work to well either. As I said she was furious and that lasted for nine months until our daughter slowly popped out and then she slowly began to heal both physically and mentally. I was front and center for the whole experience and took care of both my daughter and my wife for several months until she got healthy enough to take over the Mother tasks. Even after the birth my wife was not a happy camper for many months and reminded me a lot. As for the birth pain I remember it well as my wife jerked my pants down to my knees (I wear no underwear). Then seeing my predicament said "Well, I'm naked so you might as well be too" It got a big laugh from the doctor and nurses but I just took it in stride, I figured at this point she can do whatever she wants. I'm glad to hear you had a different experience, I would not wish mine on anyone, but I would not trade my daughter for anything either, she is the pride of my life.
        By the way, not all women have an easy birth in fact as you know many children die during childbirth and also many women die during child birth, to some it is more than they can handle.
        He was talking about wearable technology and I was pointing out the wonders of the brain(unused wearable technology).
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          Nov 7 2013: I wholeheartedly agree Keith...there are many different pregnancy/birth scenarios, which is exactly why I popped in. It felt like your description of pregnancy/birth was for you, the one and only scenario.

          I am very sorry for your personal challenges with pregnancy and birth. It can be a beautiful, enjoyable time in a family's life, and it can also be very challenging....yes....I am aware of all the possibilities.

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