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Intellectual gaming within a corporation as part of employee training...

There are annual sports competition in most companies (e.g. basketball, football, basketball, etc) but rarely are intellectual competitions similarly to Quiz show type, or Jeopardy. Do you think there is a value to Brainy Competition as part of employee training (since not everybody is physically fit enough to run around)

  • Apr 28 2011: Thank you for your comment Debra, We'll keep you posted on the upcoming testing! :)
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    Apr 17 2011: I think this is a wonderful idea. To be successful, it shouldn't be domain specific but tap all types of brain skills from spatial relations which would be wonderful to include designers and craftsmen, to math puzzles, to spelling challenges to social problems in the work place to actual conundrums faced by particular sectors of the business. It could be a team or cooperative game. In otherwords it should offer the opportunity to showcase the untapped or unexpected skills of all people at every level. It would build respect.I hope it is applied and successful. I would love to see it in action!