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Product fakes

It strikes me that the public are being incessantly tied down by more a more legislation by successive governments and governing bodies, to what end only future generations will know.
Rather like the argument for a free web, and also legalizing some controlled substances in order to decriminalize them in the interest of disarming criminal profiteers and providing a safer social environment.

Should we allow the sale of certain counterfeit goods as long as they are labelled and sold as copies, instead of just blindly protecting the interests of big brands, and tax the copied goods, and perhaps compensate the large brands via the levy.


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    Oct 28 2013: the criminal profiteers are brand names using cheap labour and cheap quality materials selling them at exotic prices...
    cheap copy clothing comes from the same country the original where the original is made...
    nike becomes mike, billabong becomes bollibang etc
    the quality of the product is very much the same, and hard to notice the difference except for spelling, stitch or rivet

    yes we should allow the sale of copied goods...

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