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What should I do to improve the quality of my writing in English?

English is not my native language. My primary education was in Hindi (native language). Now I am research scholar, want to complete my PhD. For this I have to write my paper in English.
I listen many English song, see English movie and and also read English news article. But written article by me is not so impressive for my teacher. Some time I typed wrong. there are lot of grammatical error.
Every time I get nervous to face my guide. I am loosing my confidence.
I don't know How I have to improve. I am doing my best to improve my skills.

please suggest some good idea as I understand basic English. So I don't want basic idea to overcome this problem like read this do this listen music and etc.
Hope I have explain my problem. if any other information you want please let me know?


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  • Nov 17 2013: I would say be my pen pal and allow me to assess your writing styles, and concepts that you have a pattern of not being successful with. I'm not sure how that would happen, so instead I will tell you that people have very obvious patterns, even concerning the mistakes that they make. Change the mistakes and fill in the gap of understanding and grasping the concept being conveyed and your written English will improve greatly.
    • Nov 17 2013: Thank you Mary sunshine,
      It will be my pleasure to be your pen pal. I think if you check my English writing and tell my mistake, definitely It will helpful for me to improve my English. But point is how we can communicate, according to me Email is best option. So tell me your email, I will send you some English essay written by me. If you have some other option, please tell me.

      Once again Thank you so much :)

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